KHOI Community Radio has begun airing a new show, “Business Connect.” It premiered on Feb. 24 and it will air 1 p.m. every Friday at 89.1 FM or online at The 30-minute program focuses on what is happening in the Ames business community.

Each episode will cover a business or organization and their story. Business Connect will also speak to community leaders along with business owners and organization heads.

The new program is a collaboration between KHOI and Leadership Ames, a flagship program of the Ames Chamber of Commerce. Personnel associated with the show include Adam Bates, from the Mary Greeley Medical Center; Brenda Brown, from REG; Erin Greazel, from the Lincoln Center Hy-Vee; Tammy Koolbeck, from the Iowa State Center; Dylan Kline, from Integrity Construction; Tom Beell, a KHOI host and board member; and Ursula Ruedenberg KHOI’s station manager.

“Business Connect is a show that plugs you into what’s happening in the business community one story at a time. Our goal is to produce and host a radio program focusing on the business community in Ames particularly those individuals, companies and nonprofit organizations representing Leadership Ames and the Ames Chamber of Commerce,” Tammy Koolbeck said.

Some of the show’s content will be interviews with community leaders and businesses as well as local stories on topics of innovation. Business Connect’s main objective is to cover small businesses, Leadership Ames programs, community projects, entrepreneurship, and community radio in Ames.

KHOI Community Radio is a nonprofit radio station operated and hosted by local volunteers in the Central Iowa Area that features local news, voices, stories, and culture. The station is constantly striving to produce new and innovative programs that will attract, inform, and entertain people from all walks of life.