Ag & Natural Resources Emily CoghlanFairy garden Advancing to State Fair Jessica JeanThe Secret Garden Advancing to State Fair Cady Ruble,Poster on ticks Advancing to State Fair Cody Felt,Windbreaks Conservation Award Dustin Barker,Fruit & Vegetable Gardening Josie Hemphill,1- Red Dakota Jones,5- Blue , 1 Red Sydney Peterson,9- Blue, 3 Red Taylor Peterson,6- Blue, 5- Red Kimberly Phillips,1- Blue Drew Storey,1- Purple Animal Science Lauren Ashley,Healthy Dog Treats Advancing to State Fair Hinds, AlanMy Horse Project Advancing to State Fair Krista Smith,Powerpoint on Horse Behavior Advancing to State Fair Chekota Kluesner,Corn vs. Oats Horse Poster Advancing to State Fair CaitlynBallard,1- Blue Melia Moss,1- Blue Jaedyn Paulson,1- Blue Sydney Peterson,1- Blue Taylor Peterson,2- Blue Cady Ruble,1- Blue Bryson Smith,1- Purple Krista Smith,1- Blue Lily Sparling,1- Purple Vet Science Alan Hinds,EHV-1 Poster Advancing to State Fair Music Maggie Smith,1- Blue Carrie Wilhite,1- Blue Photography Kassidy Bremer,White Show pig Advancing to State Fair Abby Greiman,Kitten with Cicada Advancing to State Fair Tyler Haynes,Barn with many logo signs Advancing to State Fair Sydney Peterson,Abstract Paint Brush Advancing to State Fair Kimberly Phillips,Series of sedum Advancing to State Fair Colin Prouty,Black & White photo of bridge Advancing to State Fair Ellie Smith,License Plates Advancing to State Fair Kara Smith,Bucking Bronco Advancing to State Fair Noah Smith,Ferris Wheel Advancing to State Fair Abbigayle Anderson,1- Red, 1 White Baier, Kristen4- Blue Caitlyn Ballard,sunset Ballard, Caitlyn1- Purple , 2 Red Dustin Barker,6- Blue, 3 Red Kassidy Bremer,1- Purple, 8 -Blue Ciera Bronnenberg,1- Purple Emily Coghlan,6- Blue, 3 Red Rebbecca Coghlan,1- Purple, 4- Blue Jordan Dawson,3- Blue Nick Duckett,1- Purple, 1, Red, 1 White Claire FitzGerald,3- Bue, 3- Red Piper Freestone,5 Blue, 1 Red Emma Gerdis,1- Purple, 5 - Blue Abby Greiman,2- Blue, 1 Red Brynn Hansen,1- Purple, 1-Blue Bryce Haynes,1- Purple, 3-Blue, 2- Red Katie Hoy,1-Blue, 3- Red Kennedy Ihrig,1- Purple, 1-Blue, 1-Red Kaitlyn Jimmerson,3- Bue, 1- Red Shelby Johnson,1- Purple, 8-Blue, 2-Red Chekota Kluesner,2- Purple, 12-Blue Logan Krantz,2-Purple, 2-Red Jessie Laughridge,2- Purple, 2-Blue, 3-Red Katelyn Lookingbill,1- Purple, 2-Blue Starlette Love,1- Purple, 2-Blue Grace McCartney,2- Blue, 2-Red Lauren Merk,5-Blue Madeline Monson,1- Blue, 2-Red Kennedy Montag,1-Blue Ella Moss,1- Purple, 6-Blue, 6-Red Moss, Melia4- Blue,5-Red Jaedyn Paulson,1- Blue,1-Red Lauryn Peitzman,3- Blue,4-Red Hannah Peters,1-Red Sydney Peterson,1- Purple, 9-Blue, 4-Red, 1 White Taylor Peterson,1- Purple, 10-Blue, 5-Red Kimberly Phillips,2- Purple, 7-Blue, 5-Red Colin Prouty,1-Blue, 2-Red Olivia Prouty2- Blue, 1-Red Riley Reynolds,1-Purple Bryson Smith,1-Purple, 1-Blue Ellie Smith,10- Blue, 12-Red Kara Smith,4- Purple, 5-Blue, 5-Red Krista Smith,1-Blue, 1-Red Noah Smith,8- Purple, 12-Blue, 2-Red Lily Sparling,1-Red Alexis Stine,1-Red Brianna Stine,1-Purple, 1-Blue Storey, Jacob1-Blue Katie Thompson,2-Blue Allyson Vespa1-Blue Claire Wessels,4-Blue, 4-Red Breanne Wilhite,3-Blue, 1-Red Ian Williams,2-Blue, 2-Red Visual Arts Maggie Bermel,Barn Wood Flag OLD GLORY Advancing to State Fair Victoria Hegstrom,Roar Lion Typograghy Advancing to State Fair Emily Mickelson,Coil Pot Advancing to State Fair Christopher McColloch,Dog w/ fire hydrant made from scrap iron Advancing to State Fair Taylor Wieland,Tree Painting over Map Advancing to State Fair Kimberly Wilderdyke,Bluebells painting Advancing to State Fair Allison Wisgerhof,Tiled Skull Wall Hanger Advancing to State Fair Shelby Adkins,1-Blue Jackson Allen,1-Blue Abbigayle Anderson,2-Blue Graciann Anderson,1-Blue Dylan Barker,1-Blue Kaydee Bennett,1-Blue Gracie Benz,1- Purple Kolton Benz,Burned Wooden Sign carved out Kyra Boscaljon,2-Blue Kassidy Bremer,2-Blue Ciera Bronnenberg,1-Purple, 1-Blue Jordan Dawson,1-Purple Marissa Dorr,3-Blue Morganna Dorr,1-Purple, 1-Blue Maya Griebel,1-Blue, 1- Red Tyler Haynes,1-Blue Victoria Hegstrom,2-Purple Jessica Jean,3-Blue Shelby Johnson,1-Blue Starlette Love,1-Blue Emma Mellencamp,1-Blue Lauren Merk,1-Blue Emily Mickelson,2-Blue Hailey Mickelson,1-Blue Melia Moss,1-Blue Jarrett Orman,1-Purple Louise Peitz,1-Blue Lauryn Peitzman,1-Blue Sydney Peterson,1-Blue Taylor Peterson,1-Blue Rebecca Phillips,3-Blue Anna Pion,2-Blue, 1-Red Katelyn Schaefer,1-Purple Kara Smith,1-Blue Krista Smith,1-Blue Maggie Smith,2-Blue Noah Smith,1-Purple Lily Sparling,1-Blue Grace Stewart,1-Blue Phoebe Stewart,2-Blue Alexis Stine,1-Purple Drew Storey,1-Purple Emma Sullivan,1-Blue Katie Thompson,3-Blue Allyson Vespa,1-Purple, 2-Blue Devin Warmuth,1-Blue Claire Wessels,2-Blue Taylor Wieland,1-Purple, 1-Blue Breanne Wilhite,1-Blue Carrie Wilhite,1-Blue Ian Williams,2-Blue Child Development Peterson, Sydney1-Blue Peterson, Taylor1-Blue Clothing and Fashion Cady Ruble,Dress Advancing to State Fair Katie Thompson,Mary Poppins Costume Advancing to State Fair Allyson Vespa,Knit maxi-skirt Advancing to State Fair Katelyn Wilderdyke,6 Piece consignment outfit Advancing to State Fair Maggie Bermel,1-Purple Kyra Boscaljon,1-Blue Kennedy Cowles,1-Blue Brynn Hansen,1-Purple Josie Hemphill,1-Blue Hallie Henfling,1-Purple Jessica Jean,2-Blue Sydney Peterson,1-Blue Allyson Vespa,1-Blue Consumer Management Hannah Borst,Twine Rug Advancing to State Fair Kylee Cowles,1-Blue Brynn Hansen,1-Purple Sydney Peterson,1-Blue Aubrey Vanderbeek,2-Blue Food & Nutrition Kailee Allen,Apple Pie Advancing to State Fair Jordan Fisher,Apple Pie Advancing to State Fair Brynn Hansen,Homemade Toaster Pastry Advancing to State Fair Jessica Jean,How Flour Affects Baking Advancing to State Fair Melia Moss,Cherry Pie Advancing to State Fair Emily Smith,Cream Cheese Pound Cake Advancing to State Fair Katelyn Wilderdyke,Chocolate PB Cake Advancing to State Fair Garrett Allen,2-Blue Jackson Allen,1-Blue Abbigayle Anderson,1-Blue Graciann Anderson,1-Purple, 1-Blue Seth Ashley,1-Purple Kristen Baier,1-Purple Caitlyn Ballard,1-Purple Kaydee Bennett,2-Blue Hannah Borst,2-Blue Kyra Boscaljon,1-Purple, 1-Blue Ciera Bronnenberg,1-Blue Heidi Burket,2-Blue Kylee Cowles,1-Blue Jordan Dawson,1-Blue Claire FitzGerald,1-Purple Kayla Gutshall,1-Purple, 1-Blue Christine Harrelson,1-Purple, 1-Blue Bryce Haynes,2-Blue Tyler Haynes,1-Purple, 1-Blue Josie Hemphill,1-Blue Sydney Hullinger,1-Red Campbell James,1-Purple Katie James,7-Blue, 2-Red Shelby Johnson,1-Blue Carly Kuhse,3-Blue Daniel Linn,1-Purple, 2-Blue Randall Linn,1-Purple, 2-Blue Steven Linn,1-Purple, 2-Blue Emily Mickelson,1-Blue Melia Moss,1-Purple, 5-Blue Evan Paine,1-Purple, 2-Blue Savannah Paine,1-Purple Lauryn Peitzman,2-Purple Sydney Peterson,1-Purple, 3-Blue Taylor Peterson,1-Purple, 4- Blue Olivia Prouty,2-Blue Adrianna Reha,1-Blue Alexander Romig,1-Purple, 3-Blue Benjamin Romig,1-Purple Cady Ruble,1-Blue Kylie Sanders,2-Blue Emma Skahill,1-Purple Alexis Stine,1-Purple Brianna Stine,1-Purple Cheyenne Whitney,1-Purple, 4-Blue Carrie Wilhite,1-Purple Ian Williams,1-Purple Kylee Yates,1-Purple Home Improvement Dylan Barker,Lamp made from Licenses Plates and fuel can Advancing to State Fair Jared Paine,Refinished Sewing Table Advancing to State Fair & Questors Award Cheyenne Whitney,Restoring Antique Chairs Advancing to State Fair & Questors Award Hannah Borst,1-Blue Heidi Burket,1-Blue Haley Greiman,1-Purple Katie James,1-Purple Chekota Kluesner,1-Purple Elizabeth Kruse,1-Blue Randall Linn,1-Blue Olivia Lovell,1-Purple Hunter Mandernach,1-Blue Hailey Mickelson,1-Purple Ella Moss,1-Blue Kinsey Ostendorf,1-Blue Sydney Peterson,1-Purple, 1-Red Taylor Peterson,1-Blue Alexander Romig,1-Purple Emily Smith,1-Blue Lily Sparling,1-Purple Other Family and Consumer Science Caitlyn Ballard,1-Purple Jake Henryson,1-Blue Katelyn Lookingbill,1-Purple Evan Paine,1-Purple Emma Skahill,1-Purple Emma Sullivan,1-Blue Garrett Allen,1-Purple Jackson Allen,1-Purple, 1-Blue Sewing and Needle Arts Brynn Hansen,Maxi Dress Advancing to State Fair Anna Steggerda,T-Shirt Quilt Advancing to State Fair Emma Sullivan,Fabric bag Advancing to State Fair Kailee Allen,1-Purple Kaydee Bennett,1-Purple, 2-Blue Bermel, Briley1-Purple Burket, Heidi1-Blue Emily Coghlan,1-Blue Josie Hemphill,1-Blue Kennedy Ihrig,1-Blue Jessica Jean,1-Purple, 1-Blue Katelyn Lookingbill,1-Purple Olivia Lovell,1-Blue Kennedy Montag,1-Blue Melia Moss,1-Purple Taylor Peterson,1-Blue Kylie Sanders,1-Blue Maggie Smith,1-Blue Grace Stewart,1-Blue, 1-Red Jeb Stewart,1-Blue Phoebe Stewart,4-Blue Brianna Stine,1-Blue Breanne Wilhite,1-Blue Communication Posters Alexandra Weir,Poetry Book - Poetry written by Alex Advancing to State Fair Garrett Allen,1-Blue Kailee Allen,1-Blue Makayla Bauer,1-Blue Cody Felt,1-Blue Taylor Peterson,1-Blue Personal Development Justin Ashley,Run for the Troops Advancing to State Fair Maggie Bermel,Shelf for Elementary Classroom Advancing to State Fair Brynn Hansen,Healing Balm: Investigating Essential Oils Advancing to State Fair Emma Skahill,State Council Poster Advancing to State Fair Hannah Ashley,1-Purple, 1-Blue Kassidy Bremer,2- Blue Alan Hinds,1-Blue Madeline Kruse,2- Blue Daniel Linn,1-Blue Randall Linn,1-Blue Steven Linn,1-Blue Cole Nelson,1- Purple Sydney Peterson,6-Blue Taylor Peterson,1-Red Alexander Romig,1-Blue Bryson Smith,1-Blue Anna Steggerda,1-Purple Zach Stewart,1-Red Alexandra Weir,1-Blue Katelyn Wilderdyke,1-Blue Science, Engineering & Technology Chloe Anderson,Wooden Saddle Stand Advancing to State Fair Steele Dickerson,Restoration of antique lawnmower Advancing to State Fair & Questors Award Katie Hoy,Wood Name Train Advancing to State Fair Hannah Nelson,black distressed shelf crown molding Advancing to State Fair Maggie Bermel,1-Purple Tanner Burgin,1-Purple Nick Duckett,1-Purple Landon Goodenberger,1-Purple Cooper Greenslade,1-Purple Clayton Gustafson,1-Purple Hallie Henfling,1-Purple Sydney Hullinger,1-Red Logan Krantz,1-Blue Elijah Love,1-Blue Love, Elijah1-Blue Emma Mellencamp,1-Purple Melia Moss,1-Purple, 1-Blue Jarrett Orman,1-Blue Jaedyn Paulson,1-Blue Alexander Romig,1-Blue Benjamin Romig,1-Blue Jeb Stewart,1-Blue Devin Warmuth,1-Blue Ian Williams,1-Purple Beef - Breeding Anna Friesth,Grand Champion Breeding Heifer Jordan Dawson,Reserve Champion Breeding Heifer CeJay BlakleyChampion Registered Heifer Jack Kelly,Reserve Champion Registered Heifer Anna FriesthChampion Commercial Heifer Macy Killmer,Reserve Champion Commercial Heifer Erica Baier,1-Blue Kristen Baier,1-Blue Bailey Christensen,2-Blue Spencer Collins,1-Blue Nick Duckett,1-Blue, 2-Red Grant Fagen,1-Blue Abby Feller,1-Blue Madison Feller,1-Blue Nathan Fountas,1-Blue Abby Hansen,2-Blue Campbell James,1-Red Joe Manning,1-Red Christopher McColloch,1-Blue Kennedy Montag,1-Blue Montag, Kennedy1-Blue Jarrett Orman,1-Blue Katelyn Paustian,1-Blue Benjamin Sieleman,1-Blue Eli Waltman,1-Blue Waltman, Eli1-Red Jenny Wicks,2-Red Emily Wilkerson,1-Blue, 1-Red Hallie Henfling,1-Red Beef - Market Evan Friesth,Grand Champion Market Steer Kade Killmer,Grand Champion Market Heifer Felt, MarissaGrand Champion Heavy Weight Steer Faith Kuehl,Grand Champion Light Weight Steer Hannah Taylor,Grand Champion JR. Feeder Pens Baier, EricaReserve Champion Light Weight Steer Bremer, KassidyReserve Champion Market Heifer Bailey Christensen,Reserve Champion Market Steer Chelsie Fallis,Reserve Champion Heavy Weight Steer Felt, CodyReserve Champion JR. Feeder Pens Erica Baier,1-Blue Kristen Baier,1-Blue Gracie Benz,1-Blue Kolton Benz,1-Red Kassidy Bremer,1-Blue Kate Collins,1-Red Abby Feller,1-Blue Madison Feller,1-Blue Feller, Madison1-Blue Cody Felt,1-Blue Marissa Felt,1-Blue Nathan Fountas,1-Blue Cody Jimmerson,1-Blue Kaitlyn Jimmerson,1-Blue Eli Jones,1-Blue Sean Kelly,1-Blue Emily Kuehl,1-Blue Carly Kuhse,1-Blue Kuhse, Carly1-Blue Joe Manning,1-Red Grace McCartney,1-Blue Christopher McColloch,1-Blue Jarrett Orman,1-Blue Emily Smith,1-Blue Maggie Smith,1-Red Nathan Tapken,1-Blue Daniel Tiernan,1-Blue Hannah Tiffany,1-Blue Emily Wilkerson,1-Red Kyle Wilkerson,1-Blue Logan Wolf,1-Blue Dog Benjamin Sieleman,Grand Champion Pre Novice B Hannah Borst,Reserve Champion Pre Novice B Benjamin Sieleman,Grand Champion Rally Hannah Borst,Reserve Champion Rally Hannah Borst,Grand Champion Senior Handling Benjamin Sieleman,Reserve Champion Intermediate Handling Carly Anderson,2-Blue, 1 Red Heidi Burket,2-Blue Josie Hemphill,1- Blue, 2- Red Hallie Henfling,2-Blue, 1 Red Jaedyn Paulson,2-Blue, 1 Red Sydney Peterson,1- Red Taylor Peterson,1-Blue Karlee Rebik,1- Red Cady Ruble,1-Blue, 1-Red Benjamin Sieleman,1-Blue Horse Breanna Ackerman,2-Purple, 3-Blue, 1-Red Champion Pony Western Pleasure, Champion Pony Halter, Junior -Hunt Seat/Saddle Seat English Equitation Shelby Adkins,5-Blue, 1-Red Chloe Anderson,3-Blue, 5-Red Claire Baudler,1-Purple, 4-Blue, 1-Red Intermediate Trail Kaydee Bennett,4-Purple, 4-Blue, 1-Red Junior Trail, Western Pleasure- Junior, Junior Pole Bending, Junior Showmanship Hannah Borst,5-Purple, 6-Blue, 1-Red, 1-White Senior Trail, In Hand Trail, Driving Class, Grand Champion Miniature Horse, Senior Showmanship PaigeCarlson,7-Blue, 2-Red Grace Coleman,3-Blue, 1-Red Kate Collins,2-Blue Taylor Danhauer,1-Blue Brittan Deardorff,2-Blue, 2-White Callie Godfrey,5-Purple, 3-Blue, 2-Red Western Pleasure- Intermediate, Horsemanship Intermediate, Intermediate Pole Bending, Intermediate Barrel Racing, Bareback Class Cierra Hildebrand,2-Purple, 6-Blue, 2-Red Hunt Seat/Saddle Seat English Equitation, Grand Champion English Type Horse. Alan Hinds,5-Blue, 1-Red Katie Hoy,1-Blue, 2-Red Rachel Hoy,1-Purple, 2-Blue, 2-Red Ranch Horse Western Pleasure Senior & Intermediate Campbell James,1-Purple, 4-Blue, 2-Red, 1-White Horsmanship Junior Kaitlyn Jimmerson,1-Purple, 3-Red Intermediate Showmanship Chekota Kluesner,2-Purple, 1-Red, 2-White Walk Trot Novice Senior & Intermediate, English/western Walk Trot Novice Horsmanship/ Equitation Senior & Intermediate, Novice Showmanship at Halter Catie Kruse,2-Purple, 2-Blue, 4-Red Senior Pole Bending, Senior Barrel Racing Elizabeth Kruse,1-Blue, 8-Red, 1-White Grace Kruse,3-Blue, 3-Red Carly Kuhse,1-Purple, 2-Blue, 3-Red, 1-White Ranch Horse Western Pleasure Junior Brooke Leopold,4-Blue Christian Love,1-Blue Elijah Love,1-Red Starlette Love,2-Blue Meghan McBride,1-Blue, 2-Red Grace McCartney,1-Red Hannah Nelson,5-Blue, 2-Red Jacob Nelson,3-Blue, 2-Red, 2-White Jarrett Orman,1-Purple, 3-Blue Junior Barrel racing Hannah Peters,1-Blue, 2-Red Taylor Peterson,1-Purple, 5-Blue, 2-Red, 1-White Intermediate Hunt Seat English Pleasure Kimberly Phillips,3-Purple, 1-Blue, 1-White Saddle Seat Pleasure All Ages Alyssa Pollock,1-Blue, 1-Red Ellie Smith,2-Blue, 3-Red, 2-White Krista Smith,2-Purple, 1-Blue, 1-Red, 1- White Junior Hunt Seat English Pleasure, Hunt Seat/ Saddle Seat English Equation Junior Maggie Smith,3-Blue, 1-Red Kirsten Snyder,1-Purple, 3-Blue, 1-Red Reserve Grand Champion English Type Horse Brody Sparks,2-Blue, 4-Red, 1-White Kelsie Stahly,5-Blue, 1-Red Paige Steinkamp,5-Blue, 4-Red Alexis Stine,1-Purple, 3-Blue, 2-Red Jumping Miniature Horse All Ages Emily Stout,1-Purple, 1-Blue, 2-Red, 1-White Hunter Hack- All Ages Grace Stout,2-Purple, 1-Blue Walk Trot Novice Junior, English/western Walk Trot Novice Horsmanship/ Equitation Junior Allison Wisgerhof,4-Blue, 1-Red Reserve Champion Pony Kylee Yates,1-Blue, 5-Red Cat Sydney Peterson,Grand Champion Cat Olivia Prouty,Grand Champion Farm Cat Garrett Allen,1-Blue Jackson Allen,1-Blue Riley Jones,2-Blue Taylor Peterson,1-Blue Drew Storey,1-Blue Jacob Storey,1-Blue Pet Taylor Peterson,Grand Champion Pet Piper Carroll,Reserve Champion Pet Piper Carroll,1-Blue Grace Coleman,1-Blue Brynn Hansen,1-Blue Tyler Haynes,1-Blue Sydney Helmers,1-Blue Jaedyn Paulson,1-Blue Poultry Emily Wilkerson,Grand Champion Overall Poultry Kaitlyn Jimmerson,Reserve Champion Overall Poultry Kyle Wilkerson,Grand Champion Standard KyleWilkerson,Reserve Champion Standard Emily Wilkerson,Grand Champion Bantam Kaitlyn Jimmerson,Reserve Champion Bantam Gabe Button,Grand Champion Waterfowl Gabe Button,Reserve Champion Waterfowl Emily Wilkerson,Grand Champion Pigeon Hunter Mandernach,Grand Champion Production HunterMandernach,Reserve Champion Production Krista Smith,Grand Champion Showmanship Carly Anderson,1-Blue Caitlyn Ballard,2-Blue KaydeeBennett,1-Blue, 5-Red Gabe Button,1-Blue Emily Coghlan,4-Blue, 1-Red Rebbecca Coghlan,2-Blue, 1-Red Kennedy Ihrig,4-Blue, 1-Red Dakota Jones,2-Blue Elizabeth Kruse,1-Blue Hunter Mandernach,3-Blue Meghan McBride,1-Blue Alyssa Pollock1-Blue Krista Smith,4-Blue Grace Stewart,3-Blue, 2-Red Emily Wilkerson,2-Blue Kyle Wilkerson,2-Blue Brendan James,2-Blue Rabbit Brianna Stine,Grand Champion Rabbit Dylan Barker,Reserve Champion Rabbit Krista Smith,Grand Champion Commercial Kyle Wilkerson,Reserve Champion Commercial GabeButton,Grand Champion Crossbred Isabel Kidd,Reserve Champion Crossbred Brianna Stine,Grand Champion Fancy Phoebe Stewart,Grand Champion Wool Delaney Kidd,Grand Champion Colored Fur Caitlyn Ballard,1-Blue- 1-Red Barker, Dustin1-Blue- 1-Red Dylan Barker,4-Blue Gabe Button,2-Blue Abigail Calligan,1-Purple, 6- Blue Bryce Haynes,1-Purple, 1-Blue, 1-Red Hallie Henfling,2-Blue Mason Immerman,4-Blue Brendan James,1-Blue, 1-Red Kaitlyn Jimmerson,3-Blue Delaney Kidd,1-Purple Isabel Kidd,1-Blue Rowan Kidd,2-Blue Elizabeth Kruse,2-Blue Carly Kuhse,3- Blue Kinsey Ostendorf,3- Blue Jaedyn Paulson,1-Blue, 1-Red Taylor Peterson,2-Purple, 3-Blue Colin Prouty,3-Blue, 1-Red Bryson Smith,2-Blue Emily Smith,2-Blue Krista Smith,2-Blue Maggie Smith,1-Purple, 3-Blue Lily Sparling,2-Blue Paige Steinkamp,2-Blue Phoebe Stewart,1-Purple, 3-Blue, 1 Red Zach Stewart,1-Purple, 1-Red Alexis Stine,5-Blue Brianna Stine,1-Blue EmilyWilkerson,1-Purple, 1-Blue Kyle Wilkerson,2-Blue Sheep Cole NelsonGrand Champion Commercial Ewe Cole BennettReserve Champion Commercial Ewe Cole BennettGrand Champion Purebred Ewe Chelsie FallisGrand Champion Speckled Face Lamb Kaitlyn JimmersonReserve Champion Speckled Face Lamb Cole NelsonGrand Champion Market Lamb Cole NelsonReserve Champion Market Lamb Kaitlyn JimmersonGrand Champion Light-weight Market Lamb Kaitlyn JimmersonReserve Champion Light-weight Market Lamb Cole NelsonGrand Champion Medium-Weight Market Lamb Abby EllermanReserve Champion Medium-Weight Market Lamb Cole NelsonGrand Champion Heavy-weight Market Lamb Hannah TaylorReserve Champion Heavy Weight Market Lamb Hannah NelsonGrand Champion Pen-of-Three Kaitlyn JimmersonReserve Champion Pen-of-Three Alexam NielsenGrand Champion Home Raised Lamb Jared PaineTop Rate-of-Gain Lamb Danielle JamesSenior Showmanship Kaitlyn JimmersonIntermediate Showmanship Kaydee BennettJunior Showmanship Beau Nielsen1- Blue Katelyn Schaefer2-Blue Cole Bennett2-Blue Kaydee Bennett3-Blue Abby Ellerman2-Blue Chelsie Fallis6-Blue Brendan James1-Blue Casie James2-Blue Cody Jimmerson2-Blue Kaitlyn Jimmerson1-Blue Chekota Kluesner2-Blue Logan Krantz2-Blue Hannah Nelson2-Blue 1-Red Alexa Nielsen2-Blue Paine, Evan1-Blue 3-Red Paine, Jared2-Blue 1-Red Katelyn Schaefer3-Blue Swine Kiley OsbornGrand Champion Market Barrow Swine - Breeding Gilts James, BrendanReserve Champion Market Barrow Swine - Breeding Gilts Bennett, KaydeeGrand Champion Market Gilt Swine - Breeding Gilts Fay, MichaelaReserve Champion Market Gilt Swine - Breeding Gilts Osborn, KileyGrand Champion Pen-of-Three Swine - Breeding Gilts Michaela FayReserve Champion Pen-of-Three Swine - Breeding Gilts Hoy, RachelGrand Champion Commercial Gilt Swine - Breeding Gilts Grant FagenReserve Champion Commercial Gilt Swine - Breeding Gilts Marissa FeltGrand Champion Production Swine Swine - Derby Rachel HoyGrand ChampionSenior Showmanship Swine - Market Kaydee BennettGrand Champion Intermediate Showmanship Swine - Market Cody FeltGrand Champion Junior Showmanship Swine - Market Christensen, Bailey1-Blue Swine - Market Abby Ellerman3-Blue Swine - Market Grant Fagen4-Blue Swine - Market Courtney Fay3-Blue Swine - Market Michaela Fay4-Blue Swine - Market Cody Felt3-Blue Swine - Market Marissa Felt4-Blue Swine - Market Alec Gavin5-Blue Swine - Market Colin Gavin4-Blue Swine - Market Cooper Greenslade4-Blue Swine - Market Abby Hansen3-Blue Swine - Market Dustin Harney6-Blue Swine - Market Katie Hoy3-Blue Swine - Market Brendan James1-Blue Swine - Market Casie James1-Blue Swine - Market Danielle James2-Blue Swine - Market Elijah McCartney2-Blue Swine - Market Faith McCartney3-Blue Swine - Market Grace McCartney1-Blue Swine - Market Samuel McCartney4-Blue Swine - Market Kennedy Montag2-Blue 1-Red Swine - Market Kiley Osborn2-Blue Swine - Market Riley Reynolds1-Blue Swine - Market Hannah Taylor2-Blue Swine - Market Jenny Wicks2-Blue Swine - Market