ADEL — On Friday, Dec. 2, Dallas County Recorder Chad Airhart was elected to serve as one of two Legislative Liaisons representing Iowa’s 99 County Recorders in the Iowa County Recorder’s Association (ICRA). ICRA has one Legislative Liaison from the Republican Party and one from the Democrat Party. Airhart, serving in his second term as Dallas County Recorder, has been twice elected as a republican in Dallas County, and will serve as the republican Liaison.

Airhart said “Since being elected Recorder, I have always been happy to assist with our legislative agenda and utilize the relationships I have at the State Capitol to pass our legislative priorities. Serving in this capacity (legislative liaison) was not something I sought; but, when you are about public service, and called upon to serve, the prudent thing to do is to step up and serve; and I am happy to help the ICRA in this capacity and feel that with the new majorities in the legislature, I can be of assistance to promote and pass our agenda.”

Airhart stated that the ICRA has a number of priorities this year, none of which include any fee increases.

“Our priorities in the coming session will focus on cleaning up cumbersome language in the Iowa Code to help Recorder’s Offices across Iowa function better,” Airhart said.

Currently, Airhart serves as the President of the District 1 Recorder’s Association and he is the Past President of the Iowa Republican County Officials Association. Airhart will join Davis County Recorder, Megan Clyman, who has served as the Democratic Legislative Liaison since 2015.