Now that 2017 has been rung in, the Dallas County Board of Supervisors and the county government has gone through a few changes and they were reflected at the first meeting of the calendar year at 902 Court Street in Adel on Tuesday, Jan. 3.

A swearing-ceremony was held at the Dallas County Courthouse before the meeting for the elected officials who won the General Election on Nov. 8. Julia Helm sat in on her first meeting as the Dallas County Auditor, Mark Hanson was sworn in for the start of his next term on the Board of Supervisors and Chad Leonard was sworn in for his next term as Dallas County Sheriff.

Hanson called the meeting to order as the Board of Supervisor’s Chair, but passed the reigns along to Supervisor Kim Chapman, who will be the chair for this year.

“We are always pretty good natured among ourselves of the rotation of the Supervisor chair role and I replaced Supervisor (Brad) Golightly, so it’s kind of Kim’s turn,” Hanson said.

Dana Wernimont of Design Alliance was on hand to provide updates on the construction going on at 902 Court Street and at the North Campus. She said that things at 902 Court is going well.

“They’re still a couple of weeks ahead of schedule so cross our fingers that it stays like that, but we don’t foresee any issues that would make that slow down,” Wernimont said.

She said that they were starting to finish walls, including the one in the meeting room at 902 Court that had a new dark-green accent color painted onto it.

In regards to the north campus, Wernimont said that there was nothing new.

“We’re still wrapping up owner manuals for the emergency management project,” Wernimont said. “So get through that, hopefully soon.”

She did say that the floor has not yet been stained, when Chapman asked.

Also in attendance at the meeting was Dallas County Recorder, Chad Airhart. He was seeking approval from the board and for Chapman to sign a contract with Cott Systems to finish the document scan project.

Last June, Airhart made many of the records within the Recorder’s office available through an online searchable database from Cott Systems and the signing of this contract would allow them to scan the rest of the documents in and have them available in the online system.

The system helps with two things, said Airhart. One is making access to records easier for the public, and the second is a backup of records if there were a disaster.

He also said it would help them save a lot of space within his office in the courthouse as they could remove the record books from the office and put them into the archive area.

“For the most part, we could solve our space problem, assuming courts don’t need our space, for probably the next 15 or 20 years with the completion of this project,” Airhart said.

The project would include Cott going out to Adel with a large scanner, to scan the more than 180,000 documents that need to be scanned.

He said that the project could be completed by the fall. The motion to approve the contract passed unanimously.

Later in the meeting, the board approved Helm’s designation of Kim Owens as Deputy Auditor, they approved their committee appointments for the year, which were unchanged from the last year, they designated the Dallas County News and The Perry Chief as official newspapers.

The next meeting will be a week from Tuesday, on Jan. 10 at 902 Court in Adel at 9 a.m.