The Adel-DeSoto-Minburn School Board met for the first time of 2017 on Monday night at the Administration Building in Adel. Here are some things that you may have missed:

Bus Purchase

The School Board approved the purchase of two new school buses at the meeting. They will be purchasing a 2018 Transit Style 83 Passenger Bus and a 2018 C2 65 Passenger Lift Bus, both with air conditioning, for a total of $222,689 from Thomas Bus Sales out of Des Moines.

A-D-M Schools Transportation Director, Richard Beechum, was on hand to give some details about the purchase.

Technology Integrationist position

The board approved the job description in the consent agenda at the beginning of the meeting. One change that was made was that Superintendent Greg Dufoe wanted the employee who holds the position to report to the Superintendent or the designee instead of to the Technology and Communications Director.

Later in the meeting, the board voted to approve the filling of the position.

“This is a pivotal position for us that we want to have for the year prior to when we actually implement and issue the (next generation technology) devices,” Dufoe said. “So this will allow us to get a head start in that pursuit of that position.”

Dufoe said that the position would be an 11-month position and the salary would be based on qualifications.

At the beginning of the 2017-18 school year, A-D-M Schools will be rolling out new technology for the students, including new laptops and tablets for high school and middle school students at schools in Adel and DeSoto.

The position that was approved on Monday night would be a key player in integrating the technology and getting the buildings and staff ready for its use in class.

Infinite Campus registration

The board approved the use of a new online registration software that will allow families to register for the new school year online.

Previously, the school district was using an in-house system created by a former employee, but that system is no longer sustainable.

“Instead of going backwards, we thought this would be a perfect time now to get on the Infinite Campus,” said Nancy Gee, A-D-M business manager. “It should be easier for parents to use and this one will also include transportation so that parents are going to the same place for everything.”

She said that the new system would be a more consistent process for those who use it.

The cost per year for the Prime version of the software is $7,500. There are also one-time costs of $1,440 for implementation management and $1,200 for training and consulting for a total cost of $10,140 for the first year.

“We feel this is really necessary for us to use as we continue to grow,” Dufoe said.

Stadium construction change order

There were a few extra incurred costs for the ongoing construction at the A-D-M High School Stadium and the most recent change order had three items that added to the total cost.

It added $1,001 to unclog the drain line, $8,546.45 to provide concrete pad under bleacher ramp in lieu of footings and $1,326 to provide additional concrete at scoreboard footings.

The total cost of the change order was $10,874.05 and leaves a balance of $14,389.95 from the original contingency amount of $100,000.