CANTON, Mo. — Lisa Button, of Adel was part of a Global Business Strategy team and finished tied for No. 1 worldwide in the overall game score in Glo-Bus, a global strategy course in C-SC’s online Master of Business Administration program that presents a global perspective of international management. Students will learn fundamental theories of international management in preparation for making business decisions in the future. Glo-Bus is a strategy game that incorporates all the major decision-making aspects of running a business. Students compete against other teams in their class as well as schools around the world. The Business Department at Culver-Stockton expressed, “We are so proud of Behind the Lens (C-SC team), the C-SC team, and their instructor, Dr. Kim Gaither!”

Dr. Gaither, faculty in the business program, expressed how this program promotes the experiential learning that goes on in C-SC’s MBA program. “The Glo-Business Strategy simulation has provided an excellent way to allow our students to experience all aspects of global business in a hands-on, authentic environment. Students make up to 140 different decisions each week in the areas of production, marketing, business expansion and contraction, hiring versus outsourcing, use of debt, payment of dividends, and investment in socially responsible actions. The team members find out at the end of the week how their decisions impacted the firm’s ROE, sales, stock price, image rating, and bond ratings. Students can also view intelligence reports on their competitors as a part of the feedback into their ensuing year’s strategy decisions. The simulation is hard, but very rewarding as the students are able to test themselves in all aspects of global business. Feedback from students has been very positive as they learned in this competitive, but fun-filled environment.”

Lisa Button ‘14 described her experience of the class and game, “Glo-Bus was such an awesome interactive tool for our class. It took the class from good to great! It was important for us to work together as a team, and really study each year’s results. We all brought different strengths to the table, and we were able to work together to emphasize and build on each of our strengths. In the end, it was just a game, but it felt like we were truly running our own business - making all the day-to-day decisions that business owners truly make. The class was a great experience, and I would recommend it to anyone!”

Culver-Stockton College, located in Canton, Mo., is a four-year residential institution in affiliation with the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ). C-SC specializes in experiential education and is one of only two colleges in the nation to offer the 12/3 semester calendar, where the typical 15 week semester is divided into two terms, a 12-week term and a 3-week term.

The mission of the Culver-Stockton College MBA Graduate Program is to provide a superb, advanced learning experience that allows students to achieve mastery level competencies and professionally apply knowledge by building upon the foundations of undergraduate studies.

C-SC’s MBA Graduate Program is a non-residential online program aimed at adult students who wish to further their knowledge and complete a master’s degree. The MBA program gives students the flexibility necessary to complete their education while continuing their careers. Courses provide a relevant and rigorous educational program with experienced faculty.