At 10:10 a.m. on Sunday morning, the Waukee Fire Department was called to a house fire at 860 Southeast Harper Drive in Waukee. Two adults live at the house and were able to get out safely and call the Fire Department before the fire had been burning for very long.

Waukee Fire Chief, Clint Robinson, said that a “failure with their grill” caused the vinyl siding to catch fire, which then spread to the attic and caused considerable damage, especially to the second floor of the house, including taking much of the roof.

“The second floor is pretty much a total loss,” Robinson said. “As you can see, the roof is gone. Most of their possessions were able to be saved, but just from smoke and water damage, there’s significant damage in the house.”

Robinson said that by his estimation, the time from when they got the call to when they arrived on scene was under four minutes.