A discrepancy was found by the Iowa Secretary of State between the number of voters that were given vote credit and what was reported from the Nov. 8 General Election in Dallas County, according to a report released by the Office of the Dallas County Auditor and Commissioner of Elections, Julia Helm.

The total results have been corrected and they were able to determine that the votes in all the races changed proportionally to the canvassed and reported results and that the outcomes of all races were unchanged.

According to the report, prepared by Dallas County Elections Deputy, Kim Owen, the discrepancy was found on Feb. 1, 2017 by the Secretary of State’s Office when looking at a comparison of voter participation and the canvass totals. The error occurred when reporting absentee ballots.

During their reporting process, the County does two separate runs in the reporting software, including one that has Election Day precinct results and one that has the absentee ballot results, according to the report.

The absentee ballots were counted in batches, which were then supposed to be selected and loaded into the County’s reporting software and added in with the Election Day precinct results to get the total count. During the process, due to human error, not all absentee batches were transferred into the totals group and 5,842 ballots were not added to the total results.

The report said that the number of ballots counted in the absentee ballot run is correct.

Helm said that in the future, there will be more cross checking among election officials to avoid a similar situation when tabulating election results.

The Dallas County Board of Supervisors, in the coming weeks, will take action to adjust the official canvass, which originally took place at their regular meeting, back on Nov. 15, one week after the General Election.