The Waukee City Council meeting on Monday was full of public hearings, including on two annexations of more than 3,000 acres. One of the annexations was of about 3,500 acres to the west of town, up to the boarder of Adel and the other was of about 66 acres west of Ute Avenue, directly south of Interstate 80, for the development of a business park.

Both annexations were approved unanimously by the Council.

The western annexation goes both north and south of Highway 6 about a mile in each direction. The part of the annexation south of Highway 6 stops at County Highway R16, while the portion north of Highway 6 extends a half-mile west of S Avenue.

“The proposed annexation is the natural outgrowth of city planning, investment and its expansion of the City’s infrastructure and service capabilities,” said Development Services Director, Brad Deets during the public hearing. “The area of land to the west of Waukee has been part of the City’s plan for future private development and City amenity expansion.”

Deets said that the City of Waukee has been growing at approximately three people per day and that they are continuing to plan for more expansion and expanded services.

The property owners in the annexation area were contacted over the years by developers and the annexation was 100 percent voluntary.

Deets said that the city has envisioned western expansion for some time, knowing that it will contribute to private residential and commercial development, as well as other economic opportunities.

“It will also provide future opportunities for the development of city amenities and service enhancements,” Deets said.

Deets said that three property owners had “special circumstances,” but pre-annexation agreements were reached with those property owners.

No citizens spoke on the issue during the public hearing before the pre-annexation agreements and the annexation were approved shortly after.

The proposed will now move forward to the City Development Board, but Deets said it is anticipated that it would move forward at a meeting next month.

“This is a great step as we continue to grow Waukee,” said Waukee Mayor, William Peard.

The southern annexation, Interstate 80 Business Park, was primarily looking at one property, but also had to include four other parcels from three other property owners in the area to avoid an “island” being created with those properties.

Deets said they were able to reach pre-annexation agreements with two of the property owners and 100 percent voluntary annexations with all three of them.

Land transferred to WCSD

As a part of a 28E agreement with the Waukee Community School District, about 80 acres of land was transferred from the City of Waukee to the School District on Monday. The 80 acres is a portion of land that has been purchased and closed on by the city that will be used for the construction of a second high school and athletic complex in Waukee.

Deets said that funding for the purchase of the land came from the School District.

There is another 80 acres of land left to be acquired later this year for the construction of the school and athletic complex. This portion will be purchased with city funds.

The transfer was approved unanimously.