The Woodward-Granger School Board met in its regular session on Monday night in the Woodward-Granger High School Library in Woodward. During the meeting, the board approved the student handbooks for the next school year with a few changes and clarifications.

High School Principal and Activities Director, Robert Boley, academic eligibility requirements for being allowed to attend school-sponsored events, such as dances. Up until now, students who were academically ineligible for trips or sports were still able to attend school dances.

“If you’re not eligible, you probably shouldn’t be going to Homecoming, Prom, Winter Formal, those types of things,” Boley said. “Just because, if you’re not passing your classes and the whole intended idea is to make sure that you’re in good standing in the school and use that time to get caught up on your work, then you should do that and not be at a dance.”

Members of the board noted that there are already academic requirements for being included on the Homecoming or Prom courts.

The rule in the handbook also extends to the Middle School dances.

There were questions risen about the handbook’s rules on harassment and bullying and how such incidents would be handled by teachers and administration. Board member Jennifer Benbow asked if there was a needed change in the handbook, saying that she hears that there is still a lot of bullying and harassing going on.

Boley said that it’s hard to determine what is bullying and what is harassment and what is constant and continuous, versus what is a one-time incident, or a series of one-time incidents.

Also called into question, was how to get students who are victims of bullying or harassment, to report the problem to the school. Boley said that the form is available online, but doesn’t think the students are going home to print it off and bring it back into the school.

“Are we making it too hard for victims to report?” Boley asked. “Do we need to have… an incident form in the office where kids can come in and fill it out?”

Board member Derek Petry suggested that they could have the form available to fill out online and send electronically, so they don’t have to turn it in at the school and so that other students wouldn’t even have to know they reported an incident.

Superintendent Brad Anderson said that he will make some forms available in the office of the school from now on.

The handbooks for the next school year were approved unanimously.