Adel Mayor Jim Peters will have a challenger for his seat this November. Nineteen-year-old Carter Nordman has announced his candidacy for the position.

Nordman, who graduated from A-D-M High School in 2017, said he has been thinking about running for Mayor for about a year and a half and officially made the decision about four or five months ago.

“I decided I was going to go for it regardless due to the awful leadership that we’ve been seeing in Adel,” Nordman said.

The “main issue” that he is going to be running on is the hotly debated tax abatement program in place in the City of Adel, as well as the proposed annexation of about 1,000 acres to the south of the current city limits. He said he thinks that that issue will be what drives people to make their voting decision in November.

While he says its time to end the tax abatement program, he has not always been against it.

“Tax abatements can be a great tool to initiate growth,” Nordman said. “That’s why I was for the tax abatement at the very beginning when it was three years… rather than seven.”

He said that he wants the tax abatement to end, but those who already have the tax abatement would be grandfathered in and would be able to see their tax abatement out for the full seven years.

Nordman believes that they need to end the abatement currently, until they can fix and expand their infrastructure and gain the ability to offer services to more people.

“We cannot continue to grow the city with lacking infrastructure that’s not able to keep up with all the growth,” Nordman said. “It’s poor planning, is what it is. My position is you have to stop it until we can figure out what’s going on, how we’re going to fix all the issues, where is our infrastructure at? You have to slow down and it cannot be this fast.”

The powers of the mayor in each city are limited as policies, ordinances and resolutions have to be passed by voting members of the city council.

Nordman said that he has been asked why he doesn’t run for the city council, but feels that he will still be able to lead and provide direction for the city as mayor.

“The biggest thing the Mayor is supposed to do is create a vision and guidance for the city and help lead the council to ensure prosperity for the city,” Nordman said.

Nordman said that he would not want to remain neutral on issues as mayor and would want to work with the council and the developers and would act as the lead negotiator with the developers, as is sanctioned in section 15.02 of the Adel City Code of Ordinances.

Some of the other issues listed on his campaign website are “unifying our city,” “common sense budgeting,” and “cleaning up Adel.”

Although he’s only 19 years old, Nordman already has campaign and government experience. He’s worked at the State House, served on the Adel Parks and Recreation Board where he worked to “eliminate wasteful spending” and was the State Director for Students for Donald Trump during Trump’s run for the Republican nomination in the primaries, leading to his General Election victory.

In order to stay in Adel full time, Nordman said he plans on living in Adel and taking classes at DMACC full time.