A new challenger has announced his candidacy for the Adel City Council during the election this November. Rob Christensen, CIO at the Iowa Economic Development Authority in Des Moines, is vying for one of the at-large seats currently occupied by Jon McAvoy and Rebecca Hillmer.

A news release issued by Christensen’s campaign states that he believes the quality of life in Adel is in jeopardy.

“That’s why I am running for City Council,” Christensen said in the news release, “to bring fresh new positive leadership that will apply common sense to policies and planning.”

The hot topic in Adel right now is the 7-year tax abatement, which Christensen thinks should end. The news release stated that he believes that they should concentrate on wealth development by seeking and supporting new commerce and industry.

“I am for the natural growth of Adel,” Christensen said in the news release. “But I cannot support policies that promote hyper-growth that distort the market, are not well planned for, poorly impact the education of our children and strain existing services and infrastructure.”

The election this year is on Nov. 7 and will feature city elections and school board elections throughout Dallas County.