Dallas County Fair: July 12 - July 16

The Dallas County Fair begins Wednesday, July 12, and will last until Sunday, July 16. Goers can expect animal shows, exhibits of 4-H projects, carnival, races, and more. The Fair is at the Dallas County Fairgrounds, north of downtown Adel on Highway 169. Admission is free.

Monarch Rescue - Friday, July 14

From 8:30 - 10:30 a.m. at Kuehn Conservation Area in Minburn. In order to protect ground nesting birds in Iowa, it is against the law for landowners to mow their roadside ditches (except in special circumstances and areas) until July 15. This law also protects the monarch butterfly eggs, larvae and pupa found on and around the milkweed in those same ditches. Rather than potentially lose part of one generation, we invite you to join us for a morning of tromping through the ditches around Kuehn looking for monarchs to transplant to our milkweed garden. Long pants and closed toed shoes are encouraged! Registration is required for this program. - To register please call the office—515-465-3577

Water Quality Issues– Raccoon River & River Float - Saturday, July 15

Water Quality continues to be one of the pressing ecological stories of our time and place here in Iowa. This float is an invitation to you to step into your local waters and explore our water quality issues. What are the major pollutants of our waters, what are their sources, how are they measured, what ecological threats do they pose? As we paddle the ‘Coon, we will introduce you to the equipment and field tests used to measure Iowa’s water quality. You will have an opportunity to conduct the tests on the ‘Coon’s waters and we will interpret your results. Additionally, we will assess the water’s quality by examining the aquatic bugs of the river. Each bug has a story to tell the observer concerning the quality of the waters. Let’s turn over a couple of rocks and see who is home in your waters and listen to what they have to say about our water’s quality. The float will originate at the boat ramp below the Redfield Dam at 1 p.m. and we will take out at the Pleasant Valley ramp. DCCB will provide a shuttle from take out, back to our put in for registered paddlers. Registration is required for this program -To register please call the office - 515-465-3577.