The Dallas County Board of Supervisors held their regular weekly meeting on Tuesday. Here are a few things you missed if you weren’t in attendance.

LOST signature drive complete

Robert Greenway, former City Councilman from DeSoto was on hand at the meeting to update everyone on the signature drive for putting Local Option Sales Tax on the ballot in the general election this November. Greenway, who has led the charge in getting this on the ballot, was able to report that they have received the necessary number of signatures needed to proceed.

Perry City Administrator, Sven Peterson, has the signatures and will turn them into Dallas County Auditor, Julia Helm, soon.

Each city now has the ability to put the Local Option Sales Tax on the ballot this November, but must first specify what they plan to use the money for in the future. Local Option Sales Tax allows cities to add 1 percent to Iowa’s 6 percent sales tax for spending on city projects.

“The collected tax will be, for the individual entities, they will approve on their own merits for their town, for their own special needs and desires,” Greenway said.

For unincorporated Dallas County, it would have to be put on the ballot by the Board of Supervisors.

The cities of DeSoto, Van Meter, Linden, Minburn, Perry, Bouton, Woodward and Dawson helped seek signatures throughout the County.

Currently, the cities of Adel, Bouton, Dawson, Perry and Redfield have the Local Option Sales Tax in place, but Adel’s is the only one without a sunset. Bouton’s is set to expire Dec. 31, 2020, Dawson’s will expire on Dec. 31 of this year, Perry’s is set to expire on Dec. 31, 2019 and Redfield’s is set to expire on Dec. 31, 2020.

Law Enforcement Center update

Jerry Purdy of Design Alliance, was in attendance to give another update on the new Law Enforcement Center, which was approved by Dallas County voters back in May. He said that they had a design meeting on Monday, which included about 3-4 hours of discussions.

“So it’s moving along into the next phase, which is material selections, structural considerations, those kinds of things,” Purdy said.

Purdy said that since they last met with the Board of Supervisors, they were informed that the tests were positive for a geothermal well on the site. The geothermal unit was included in two of the three options that they prepared for the plans.

“We know, just from experience, payback wise, geothermal will probably be the system that would pay back over time the quickest, but that report will give you more detail,” Purdy said.

For this purpose, they did vertical wells, but Purdy said that they will also consider horizontal ones as they go along with the process.