National Police Night Out events were happening all over the country, the state and even throughout the Des Moines Metro Area. Waukee held a similar event, Waukee Public Safety Day, where families had a chance to meet public safety employees and take part in activities on Tuesday night at the Waukee Public Safety Building.

Members of the Waukee Fire and Police Departments, from the Dallas County Sheriff’s Department and from the armed services were on hand to interact with families and lead kids through activities, such as the fire fighters’ obstacle course, the Army National Guard’s inflatable obstacle course and slide, a doughnut eating contest and much more. Kids were also able to get their pictures taken in police cars and fire trucks and take a ride on a fire truck.

There were also interactive fire hose demonstrations, a child ID station, fire extinguisher lessons, a seat belt rollover demonstration and tours of the Waukee Public Building as well as free food and beverages, served up by police officers and fire fighters.

Crista Carlile attended the event with her two kids, a 1-year-old and a 10-year-old. She said she thought the event was a good chance to be a part of the community.

“They love it,” Carlile said. “I think our 10-year-old has done just about everything that there is, and now she’s in line for the second time around. She found some friends out here and she’s loving it.”

Carlile also said that they had been interacting with officers and fire fighters during their time at the event, which was “probably the best part.”

“It’s nice how they’re mixing kind of those educational things with fun things and making it fun for kids to learn,” Carlile said.

Joe Jeffryes was at the event with his 5-year-old son, Max. Max said that his favorite part of the event was “riding on the fire truck.”

Joe also said that he enjoyed having Max get a chance to have interactions with the police officers and fire fighters.

“Helps the kids get to know that they’re real people,” Joe said.

This was the fourth year the event took place.