The Waukee City Council held a pair of public hearings at its regular meeting on Monday at Waukee City Hall. The public hearings were in regards to the plans and specifications, form of contract and estimate of cost for the South Outfall Sewer Project and for the I-80 West Industrial Park Lift Station and Water Main Extension Project.

Waukee public works director, John Gibson, said that their agreement with the Wastewater Reclamation Authority in Des Moines states that they will start receiving “all flows” from Waukee starting on Jan. 1, 2018 and the South Outfall Sewer Project is the project that allows them to do that.

The South Outfall Sewer Project will construct 10,600 linear feet of 8-inch through 36-inch diameter sanitary sewer in open cut, 220 linear feet of 36-inch diameter sanitary sewer tunneled in place along Sugar Creek between Sugar Creek Golf Course and Painted Woods Drive.

“It’s a pretty complicated project,” Gibson said. “The access is only from the roads each way, so they have to run up and down that easement to accomplish the construction.”

The I-80 West Industrial Park Lift Station and Water Main Extension Project will include more than 2,000 linear feet of 12-inch PVC water main and more than 1,000 linear feet 15-inch PVC sanitary sewer and will be constructed west of Ute Avenue, directly north and south of Interstate 80, area that was recently annexed into the City of Waukee.

Bids were received on Aug. 16 for the South Outfall Sewer Project and the low bidder was S.M. Hentges and Sons, Inc. with a bid of about $3.67 million, quite a bit under the engineer’s estimate of about $4.6 million. The vote was unanimous to award the contract to S.M. Hentges and Sons, a Minnesota-based company the city has worked with before.

“They get really innovative with how they do sewers, and this is right in their wheel house,” Gibson said.

The South Outfall Sewer Project has a scheduled completion date of Aug. 31, 2018.

Gibson recommended deferring awarding a contract on the I-80 project until Sept. 5 while they work out an agreement with the land developer, who will be responsible for funding the sewer portion of that project. The engineer’s estimate on this project is about $1.2 million and the low bid was about $1.075 million dollars from Raccoon Valley Contractors.

The scheduled completion date for the I-80 project is Dec. 22, 2018.