Bryce Smith, the 25-year-old owner of the Adel Family Fun Center, announced on Friday, Aug. 25 that he will be seeking a seat on the Adel City Council this November. Smith, a graduate of A-D-M High School and the University of Northern Iowa, most recently was a candidate for the Iowa House of Representatives, losing to long-time legislator, Ralph Watts last November.

In a news release, Smith expressed that he is running for the City Council because he loves and cares about the city.

“It is important that we have hard-working, fact-driven, proactive elected officials here in Adel ready to face the challenges ahead of us,” Smith said in the release. “I plan to merge my small business background with my ability to bring people together to get things accomplished all for the good of every Adel resident.”

Smith stressed the importance of the Adel government remaining transparent and that the city leaders understand the importance of their duties.

“As we see Adel grow towards the future, we need leaders who are committed to planning and allocating resources responsibly,” Smith said in the release. “Local government is not a one-issue-at-a-time motion, it is a fast-moving and, sometimes, complex engine that touches every household in Adel.”

Smith says that he is hoping to drive community involvement, voter participation and make sure Adel “remains inviting and inclusive for residents and businesses of all shapes and sizes.”

Bryce is an active member of the Adel Partners Chamber of Commerce along with the Adel Community Visioning project. He is also the Vice President of the Iowa Bowling Proprietor’s Association and a member of the FRIENDS of Iowa Civil Rights.

Bryce lives in Adel with his soon-to-be husband, Kale, and their wedding is planned for Sept. 23 outside of Dallas Center.