Des Moines County's Board of Supervisors picked five people to serve on the county's new Animal Control Board. 

The board picked Brooke Smith, a veterinarian; Angela Vaughan, the county Safety Director; Tracey Beckman, a dog groomer and farmer; Dan Denney and Dustin Powell.

The board chose those five from a list of seven applicants. Not chosen were Annette Oetken and William Totemeier. 

Supervisor Tom Broeker proposed the five picks, and the other two supervisors agreed to his list. Bob Beck had nothing to add. Jim Cary said he had one person different from Broeker, but he didn't clarify who, opting instead to follow Broeker's suggestion. 

Other business

The board unanimously signed off on a site plan for a new indoor shooting range at 10840 Mill Dam Road. 

Conservation Director Chris Lee brought a bid for Flint River Trail work for the board to accept. The low bid for the work, which stretches across conservation land at Starr's Cave, came from KLC Construction. 

Five companies submitted bids, and three came in under the engineer's estimate of $389,000. KLC Construction's bid was for $327,139. 

This is only part of this leg of work on the trail in that area. The Iowa Department of Transportation is handling bid letting for trail stretches on either side of the Starr's Cave section. The total comes to $793,000, with $634,000 coming from federal programs. 

The company has until September to finish the project.

Construction will likely interrupt the annual summer camp programs at Starr's Cave. Lee said the conservation department is currently figuring out alternative locations for their summer camp activities. 

"They've got all summer and all spring to get this done," Lee said.