The Adel Library is hosting its third annual Art Show, which began on Monday, Jan. 8 and will run through Friday, Jan. 19. The Art Show was kicked off with the Friends of the Adel Public Library Foundation hosting the Winter Gala on Monday from 5-7 p.m.

The Library is hosting work from 15 area artists and from A-D-M art students, which is displayed throughout both floors of the building.

The event was started in 2016 when the Library celebrated its 10th anniversary of being in their current building and the art show is now held every January. Even though its only in its third year at the Adel Library as it stands now, the Art Show is not a new event for Adel.

“It’s actually a revival of the art show that existed in Adel for decades through the Library until the ’60s,” said Trever Jayne, assistant director of the Adel Public Library. “And then it went to Brenton Bank, and then after Brenton Bank was bought out, it just sort of disappeared, so we sort of are trying to revive what used to happen every year.”

The event takes place during a “quieter time” for programming at the library, said Adel Library Director, Paula James. She said that looking through the history of the old library made her want to revive the Art Show.

“We were… looking through information about the old library since we were here, it just kind of fascinated me,” James said. “I thought it was interesting.”

The student art on display was created by students of the woman who painted the mural in the story room at the library, Carisa Silverio. The 15 adult artists has been about the average amount for the event each year, James said.

James and Jayne said that they don’t really have a set of requirements in place for artists to submit their work for the show. They have even expanded beyond the Adel borders for artists and this year had art from Johnston, Perry, Ogden and other cities from around the area, in addition to Adel.

The Art Show at the Library has also brought out hidden talents from people James and Jayne have known for year.

“It’s been fun over the years to see the people that we’ve known for a long time that we didn’t know they were artists,” James said.

One of the artists that took James by surprise was Arlene Cook.

“I’ve known her for years, I didn’t know she did that,” James said.

The type of art they received this year was a little different than in the past. In the past, they’ve received bigger pieces of art, while this year, the art has been a little smaller.

“Last year we had a lot of big, framed pieces,” Jayne said. “So we bought a bunch of easels so we could feature pieces and then this year everyone brought small things to set on tables, so we had to scramble this year to figure how to put things out on tables and do it differently.”

The art includes drawings, paintings, bags, quilts, pottery and more and will be on display during regular library hours until Jan. 19.

Jayne and James said it is never too early to contact them about getting involved in next year’s Art Show.