With approval from the Adel City Council at its meeting on Feb. 13 and approval from the Dallas County Board of Supervisors at its meeting on Feb. 28, the two entities finally have an agreement in place regarding the East Annex Sewer Extension.

The 28E agreement states that the City of Adel will extend its sewer service to the east, maintain ownership and bear the responsibility for maintenance, repair and improvement. Dallas County shall reimburse the City of Adel the following costs:

$600,000 for service to the public safety facility, the actual cost of demolition of the existing pump station and lagoon facility and $359,170 for connection fees of existing Ortonville customers that would also use the services. The City of Adel will waive the connection fee for the Dallas County property.

The amount for connection fees is an estimate by McClure Engineering on what it would cost to build out, and broken down by connectable acre, Dallas County Operations Manager Rob Tietz said at the Feb. 28 meeting.

Adel City Councilman Bob Ockerman told the Board of Supervisors that everything in regards to the agreement was complete on the city’s end.

“We’re ready to go,” said Adel City Councilman, Bob Ockerman during the Feb. 28 Board of Supervisors Meeting. “We’re in the process of finalizing the route and starting to purchase right of way for the project.”

The East Annex Sewer Extension Improvements will consists of the construction of a sanitary pump station facility and approximately 12,000 LF of gravity and force sewer main.

Ockerman told the Board of Supervisors that the city is seeking funding from the State Revolving Fund, but that they have not heard back from the federal government about it yet.

The agreement was looked over and advised on by Ahlers and Cooney, who represents both the City of Adel and Dallas County. Ockerman said that he thought the 28E agreement was a “fair agreement for everybody,” and the Supervisors expressed their comfort with the agreement as well before voting for final approval.

“I think they have done everything in good faith and negotiation and resolved most of the issues,” said Supervisor Brad Golightly.