Local teen rock band, Awakening Force, are winners of the Iowa Rocks Talent Finals and got to perform at the Iowa Rock N’ Roll Hall of Fame Indunction Concert in Okoboji over Labor Day weekend.

The band includes DCG High School freshmen, Tyler Halverson (guitar/vocals) and Zach Halverson (drums) and Norwalk High School sophomores, Jaden Eppers (guitar) and Kendall Wiseman (bass/vocals).

Dave Ellefson, bassist for the band Megadeath, was inducted into the Iowa Rock N’ Roll Hall of Fame and participated as a guest judge for the competition.A highlight for the band was receiving a perfect score from him.

Awakening Force have been playing together for about a year and a half. They play rock and metal covers, as well as write their own music. They play all over Central Iowa, most recently at the 80/35 Music Festival. The band is finishing up recording on their first album.

Find them on Facebook, YouTube and Instagram. Other winners include, Eli Dykstra in the individual category and the band Been There Done That in the group category.