The Gibson ‘outfit’ living on the Lambert place just south of town had an exciting time last week. The woman living with Gibson as his wife has a dwarfed son, and Gibson’s two boys pitched into him for the purpose as he thinks of killing him. The woman put in to defend her son, whereupon Gibson took her case in hand and used her pretty roughly, if her story is to be believed. The sheriff took charge of Gibson but as no information was filed, he was turned loose.


After tomorrow it is to be hoped that the town authorities will suppress the use of fire crackers on our business streets. The youthful patriotism will have sufficient vent and the fire crackers have been a great annoyance to people with easily frightened horses.


You better begin to look out! Some religious zealots have set the date for the world to come to an end some time next fall. Just as well be ready for it anyway. There is no danger in being on the safe side of things. If the devil catches you, you will wish he hadn’t.


From "Around the town" by Scott Snyder: "There’s a mystery down at the swimming pool. Someone has been breaking the rules. Manager Lyle Townsend is in a quandry. He doesn’t know whether to call in Philo Vance or try to break the case himself. Here’s the story: The pool is closed at a certain hour each night and it is unlawful to go in after that hour. Also the place is locked. From evidence gathered thus far it seems that at least five persons, girls, got over the fence. Presumably they enjoyed a swim, sans clothing, and then used a bench to climb back over the wire netting. Next morning the pool manager noticed a bench out of place. he also noticed some other things. Five pairs of other things–four pink and one white–had been left by the side of the pool. The owners can have them by calling and proving property. Mothers who have noticed a scarcity in silk panties in the family wash can help the pool manager by reporting where their daughters were on such and such a night. And by paddling the spots where the silk things are usually worn.


From "By George" by George DeFord: "You wonder what people are thinking about when they raise a ‘bitch’ about the tornado warnings and information like that was given last Thursday. It seems like missing a TV program means more to some people than the loss of their lives. I feel that we are lucky that the weather bureau can track these killers."