August 6, 1884

During the union service Sunday evening some roughs (Manager McLaughlin says he knows who they are) threw a lot of green apples on the Opera House roof which caused a great deal of annoyance to those inside. If there is anything too mean for some fellows about Adel to do we would like to know what it is. They will find themselves brought suddenly to a halt one of these days by being brought before the proper authorities to answer for their misdemeanors.

August 4, 1894

The river at this place has become so low that in places the channel is entirely dry, no water for all purposes is becoming almost alarmingly scarce.

August 12, 1914

Since the enactment of employers’ compensation laws, employers are becoming more exacting in demanding that their men shall abstain entirely from drinking beer and whiskey. The reason is that a man under the influence of drink no matter how little, is less reliable than one who is sober. The drinker is also less efficient in his work and less careful. Such men, under the compensation laws, are a menace to their employees. Everywhere the tendency is to refuse to employ men who drink and the boozer has a hard prospect ahead of him.

August 18, 1943

From "Around the Town" by Scott Snyder: Letter received from Bill Swihart a few days ago. He wants to know if you have to belong to the Liars Club to purchase bait from the Midwest Fishbait Corp. of Adel. Says to tell all Adel fishermen to come out to Puget Sound country (Skagit, Wash.) where they don’t have to use bait and can really get the big ones. "We could send you some pictures of the big ones, but we just haven’t time to take pictures for taking the fish off the hooks."

August 8, 1979

Lionism recently showed its true colors in Adel….A group of about six Lions, while painting the new Lion restrooms at the Kinnick-Feller Park, learned that Dick Gunderson’s garage in Chance Court needed a new coat of paint but Dick was unable to do the job because of illness. So, without a second thought, the Lions jumped into their cars and drove across town to paint Gunderson’s garage. They finished the project and returned to the restroom job. Those Lions, who sought no recognition for their good will, shall accordingly remain nameless. But their actions will be remembered as a glowing example of the Lion slogan, "We serve."