When the movie "Fever Heat" was filmed at Stuart Speedway in 1967 (it was released in 1968), many of the movie’s lead players like Nick Adams, Jeannine Riley, Norman Alden and Vaughn Taylor stayed in what is now the Edgetowner Motel in De Soto. Adams died of a drug overdose in his Los Angeles home on Feb. 7, 1968 at the age of 36.


The actions of the boys on Monday evening while the ladies were out drilling were to say the least disgraceful and those who encouraged them in the course they pursued should be heartily ashamed of themselves. If they know what shame is, it was bad enough for them to yell and jeer at the ladies without stoning them, and if there is a repetition of Monday evening’s performance the boys will have reason to regret that they participated therein. There is such a thing as carrying a joke too far.


Our tonsoral artist, R.L. Hoeye, made a flying trip to Van Meter and Booneville on his bicycle Monday, but came home a forlorn spectacle, having been drenched by the elements.

* * *

Tom Franklin was returning home from Missouri last week and when about 40 miles south of Des Moines he accidentally shot himself with a revolver. The bullet entered his right hand between the second and third fingers and came out near the joint of one of the fingers. No bones were broken and Tom did the best he could with it, waiting until he reached home to see a physician.


One or two Adel women formerly received sympathy from their friends because they were classed as golf widows. Their husbands are now getting the same sympathy because they are being called walkathon widowers.


Dixie Quinn got a chance to relive some fond memories last week during Adel-DeSoto’s homecoming festivities. Quinn, Adel’s first high school homecoming queen, rode through the streets of town in royal fashion 50 years ago in the 1938 homecoming parade. To commemorate the event, high school principal Stan Norenberg asked Quinn to take part in the 1988 celebration last Friday.

* * *

Candidates for local office had their first face-to-face meeting since the primary during a forum at the Dallas County Courthouse Tuesday. The event, sponsored by the Dallas County Taxpayer’s Association, was attended by about 75 interested spectators, many of whom were "new faces," according the organizers. Both Democratic and Republican candidates answered questions.