Perry Speedway was built north of Perry adjacent to Highway 144 by Les Martini after World War II. The track operated on Sunday afternoons and in the early 1950s became one of the first three tracks in Iowa to be sanctioned by NASCAR. The first was the Mississippi Valley Fairgrounds. Playland Park in Council Bluffs was also sanctioned by NASCAR in the 1950s.


The condition of some of the sidewalks in this town (De Soto) is absolutely disgraceful and most certainly dangerous. Ye city fathers took it that they are repaired before you ask the taxpayers to pay damage for broken bones.


There was considerable excitement around the northeast corner of Macy Field Friday evening when the Adel-Panora football game was in progress. A crowd of six or seven men, names and addresses unknown, tried to crash the gate by sneaking through the fence. Frank Weems and Happy Graham, who had been delegated to act as watchmen there, immediately contested the crowd, and while they received some hurts and bruises during the melee, the visitors were run off the grounds. As the gang left, one of them remarked, "We threw one of the cops in the river anyway." But this was an error. They started one of the Adel men in the direction of the water but a fence saved him and when Weems and Graham really started action there was a hasty exit.

* * *

Joe Willshire, Sioux City bootlegger who escaped from the Dallas County Jail and was later arrested in Milwaukee and brought back to Adel, was taken before Judge E.W. Dingwell in District Court Thursday and entered a plea of guilty. The judge ruled that Willshire will serve a year in the penitentiary at Fort Madison after he completes the original sentence here. This will be on January 1st.


Enrollment at the Adel Child Care Center has grown so rapidly that the staff has reacted by opening an after-school program at the nearby elementary school.

* * *

The Dallas County Joint 911 Service Board will conduct Enhanced 911 demonstrations at three locations next week. Demonstrations will be held in Perry, Dallas Center and Adel.

* * *

The strike gruels on. When Saturday dawned, members of Local 270 of United Auto Workers had been walking the picket line for some 330 days. Midnight, Dec. 10, 1987, may have seemed like eons ago to some, but not to the 38 striking workers at Selectivend, Inc. in Waukee.