Hall of Fame football coach Robert "Bob" Blackman was born July 7, 1918 in De Soto. He played for Southern Cal beginning in 1937 and went on to an illustrious coaching career at the University of Denver, Darmouth, Illinois and Cornell. In 16 seasons under Blackman, Darmouth had a record of 104-37-3, including undefeated seasons in 1962, 1965 and 1970. In his final year, Blackan received the Walter Camp Coach of the Year Award. That team was the last Ivy League team to be ranked in the top 20 nationally. He was inducted into the College Football hall of Fame in 1987.


The vote at Dallas Center indicates a large falling off in the population of that town since the primary election last summer.


The divorce case of Myrtle Wakefield vs. William H. Wakefield, the suit that has stirred up all the north part of Adams township, occupied the attention of Judge Wilkinson for three days. Nearly 50 witnesses were subpoened and the case was hotly contested. It is unfortunate for that peaceful neighborhood of good people that it should have occurred. Considerably racy matter got into the record and there was bitterness in part of it. The little courtroom was crowded to its fullest capacity and for three days the trial was given the closest attention of a large number of neighbors. It developed into a good deal of importance.


A large voter turnout in Dallas County Tuesday resulted in the unseating of Supervisor Paul McCleary, the reaffirmation of County Attorney Alan Shirley by only six votes and the election of Marguerite West as county recorder. A total of 8,633 persons either went to the polls or filled out absentee ballots. That represents 54 percent of the registered voters. In the presidential election year of 1974, 9,549 Dallas County residents voted.


County Recorder Marguerite West, who spent most of the summer in North Carolina and returned just as Republicans were working to have her position declared vacant and their candidate’s name placed on the ballot, dropped what fellow Democrats were calling a "bombshell" on Election Day. In a terse letter filed with Auditor Roberta Burkhead at 2:30 p.m. Tuesday, West wrote: "I hereby tender my resignation from the position of Dallas County recorder, effective Nov. 9, 1988." The one-sentence letter was signed, "Marguerite West," and gave no reasons for her resignation. West could not be reached for comment. West sold her home in May and left for North Caroline soon thereafter.