William Jennings Bryan ran unsuccessfully for president three times — 1896, 1900 and 1908. During one of those campaigns Bryan made a whistle stop at Minburn. He was one of the originators of the "whistle stop" campaign, making short visits at train stops, during an era when other candidates campaigned from a home base.


A man named A. Clark was arrested last Thursday upon a complaint of Jonas Sever of Colfax Township and brought before Mayor Kenworthy upon an action to put him under bonds to keep the peace. he is charged with having threatened to shoot Mr. Stever and his whole family. The mayor placed his bond at $1,000 and in default of it he is in jail awaiting the convening of District Court.

* * *

The steamboat arrived last Friday and was launched in the afternoon and fired up ready for her trial trip on the mill slough. The owners had experienced some fears lest the smoke-stack would be too high to pass under the covered bridge, but with the water at its present height, it misses by about two inches. Messrs. Vaughn and Hubbard have rechristened the boat the Record. it is expected to build a barge to be towed behind the vessel for the convenience of a larger number than can be accommodated on the boat.


Deputy Sheriff Pat Chase and Charles Orahood, both of whom were kidnapped by bandit E.P. Elmer last September and taken to a lonely spot near Tulsa, Okla. thought they had the man who caused them so much trouble, Sunday. But, it was someone else. Deputy Chase, whose memory is keen and seldom forgets a face, had a thrill when he saw a man near the courthouse who resembled Elmer in many ways. The man was actually arrested and taken to the county jail before it was determined it was a case of mistaken identity.


Dallas County, ordered in May to cut both the fiscal 1988-89 tax asking and expenditures because of a history of excessive carryover balances, ended the 1987-88 fiscal year with a record $4,393,615 in reserve.

* * *

Radon gas was detected in each of the 32 houses tested in Dallas County through Iowa State University Extension’s Iowa Radon Project. Rochelle Gilman, Dallas County extension home economist, said that county residents should consider having their homes tested after the finding.

* * *

Boss Hogg of television fame (Dukes of Hazzard) was a special guest of Redfield last week as the community hosted its annual Old Settlers Reunion.