It’s widely accepted that Waukee got its name from Milwaukee.


Last Wednesday night an effort was made to rob the county treasurer’s safe. An entrance to the office was gained by breaking through the north window. Tools were taken from Dack’s carriage shop and an effort was made to drill into the safe just above the dial to the lock. When Treasurer Wright reached the office Thursday morning he found the evidences of the attempted robbery. The hole had not been drilled far enough into the safe to enable the doors to be blown off, although an effort seemed to have been made in that direction. The drill had been broken and the point of it was found in the hole. Whether the robbers were frightened away or gave up the job is not known. Had the outer doors been opened the money was still secure, as it was in the burglar proof chest inside the safe, protected by 2-inch drill proof steel walls, and the door secured by a time lock. A railroad bicycle was stolen from the depot and it was probably by this means the robbers left town. No clew (sic) has been obtained as to who the parties were.


Joseph Smith’s nose came in violent contact with a clothes line one day last week, giving his face something of the appearance that may be expected when a man meets and angry woman armed with a broomstick.

* * *

C. Badger of Colfax Township met with quite an accident last Friday. He and son were coming into town, bringing a cow he had sold, having her loaded in a sled. When near the stand pipe the sleigh was in some manner upset and Mr. Badger was thrown out, having his collar bone broken. Dr. Williams rendered him the necessary surgical assistance and he returned home.


Dallas County land values increased 22 percent during the past year. The price of an acre of land in the county rose from $854 in 1987 to $1,41 in 1988. Land in northwest Iowa was most expensive, while land in south central Iowa was least expensive. You could expect to pay as little as $394 per acre in Decatur County, to as much as $1,555 per acre in O’Brien County.

* * *

Dexter native Marvin Cook was honored upon winning his 300th game as a high school girls’ basketball coach. His Gladbrook-Reinbeck team beat Wellsburg, 69-68, to reach the milestone win. Cook was honored with a plaque during halftime of a game in Gladbrook, then was honored during an assembly program in Reinbeck. His team presented their coach with a desk pen set.