V.T. Hamlin, a cartoonist who created the popular "Alley Oop" cartoon series that became syndicated in 1932, is a native of Perry. Hamlin was born in 1900 and died in 1993. His character was set in the prehistoric kingdom of Moo and he rode a pet dinosaur, Dinny, carried a war hammer and wore nothing by a loincloth. The series was hugely popular when it began and is still seen in syndication in a number of national publications.


John D. Rivers announced a lecture on prison life at the Opera House for last Thursday evening but when the evening arrived the crowd that John D. anticipated failed to put in an appearance, there being only about sixty persons, mostly boys. There is a general feeling that John has cost Dallas County enough money already without paying out any more to listen to him tell about how they treat criminals at Fort Madison. * * *

There is not much consolation to the evil doer when he is brought before Esquire McLucas to answer for his misdeeds. A young man from Wiscotta named Ward Webb was arrested and brought up before him last Monday charged with drunkenness and disturbing a meeting Sunday night at the Friends Church at Wiscotta. He plead guilty to the charge and was fined $10 and costs, all accounting to $11.85, which he paid and went away, we hope, a wiser young man and an example to other evil doers to steer clear of Mc’s court.


J.W. Witham, south of town, brought an action before Esquire Fidler last week against Hans Sprecher, charging him with the use of blasphemous language. The trouble we believe started from Mr. Witham refusing to let parties hunt on his premises. The court assessed a fine of $5 and costs against the defendant.

* * *

A justice’s jury at Perry returned a verdict last Friday for one cent in a case tried before the justice of the peace growing out of a horse deal. The plaintiff, Russell Andrews, sued Earl Elder for $30.44. Elder put in a counter claim for $70. The jury thought the defendant ought to pay the costs of the suit and play quits and so rendered a verdict of one cent for the plaintiff. Two lawyers, a justice of the peace, six jurors and various witnesses were requested to arrive at the above conclusion. The law is a splendid thing to let alone.


An armed robber got away with about $465 in cash and checks in a hold-up at Casey’s General Store in Redfield Tuesday. Officials say the suspect held a revolver, then fled to a nearby car.