In a Dallas County Index and Business Directory of 1899, Waukee was described as a "brisk little retail business burg and wholesale shipping point of livestock, grain and nursery products, conveniently located at the junction of the Fort Dodge line of the Rock Island system with the D.M.N.&W. Ry., 14 miles west of the state capital.


We wonder if that fellow who sat leaned back in his seat and his feet thrown up over the back of the seat in front of him at the Methodist Church Sunday night thought he was in a saloon or that his position was attractive and amusing to the minister and congregation.

* * *

S.R. Smith visited the live town of Linden one day last week and came back "peeled" and bleeding. He says Dan Moorman and he were "acting up" and Dan scratched his hand, but we don’t know about that; we are inclined to think Sam was "acting up" and someone quieted him down with a jolt.


Chicken thieves had infested our peaceful community (Panther) and taken poultry from Abb Meyers, S. Badger, Will Wilcox, Mike Donehouser, a quarter of beef and buckwheat flour from Mike Wagner Jr. The thief will probably be arrested soon. He does not reside in the neighborhood, for we have no such characters here.


Last Friday two men, Ed Cook and Charles Discoll, engaged in a quarrel near Van Meter, but in Madison County. Driscoll had been to Van Meter and upon his return found Cook at his place. The two men are said to have had a quarrel of long standing and it was renewed. Driscoll became enraged and seized a shotgun. This Cook, who was the larger man, wrestled from Driscoll, turned the gun upon him and shot him. Cook then telephoned to the sheriff at Winterset of what he had done and was at once taken to that place and lodged in jail.

* * *

A man north of Perry learned the foolishness of fast driving one day last week. He was driving a Ford car and undertook to do some fast driving while passing a flock of sheep. A few of the sheep got in front of the car and it turned over, smashing the machine considerably, cutting the driver around the head and killing one of the sheep. It was a case of expensive haste.


Dallas County Supervisors put eight proposals on the table Monday before finally deciding on 17 percent pay increases for all elected officials in fiscal 1989-90. The county compensation board had recommended a 25 percent pay hike.