A young fellow called in at S.R. Smith’s office the other day and asked him how much he would charge to get a divorce for a fellow. Smith thought he possibly might do it for $25-$50, owing to how hard a job it might be. The young man thought a moment and turned to go, saying, ‘Gosh, it costs a durned sight more to get unhooked than it does to get hooked. I guess I’ll stay with Jane awhile yet.’"


Mrs. Lizzie Brenton was brought here from Dallas Center last Saturday charged with burning a house belonging to Brenton Brothers. The accused admits having burned the house. She will probably have a preliminary hearing before Squire Noel some time this week and will be held or bound over the grand jury.


Edward Cook, who was charged recently with killing Charles Driscoll near Van Meter, was convicted last week of murder in the first degree and the jury fixed his sentence at life imprisonment. Surely the wages of sin are high. Cook and Mrs. Driscoll were guilty of undue intimacy. What they called pleasure has been bought at a fearful price. In the trouble growing out of the matter, Driscoll was shot and killed. Cook, if he does not secure a new trial, is worse than dead, for life imprisonment is in the end worse than death. Mrs. Driscoll is a widow and her children are fatherless. Mrs. Cook is robbed of a husband and her children, if she had any, of a father and all rest under the disgrace of having a husband and father convicted of the worst crime that one can commit. An d all this for the pleasure of sin. Why will some people not be warned that some time, somewhere, heinous sin will find them out?


Dallas County once again dominated that ‘Iowa Oddities’ corner of the Register Sunday. Here’s the story: "A fox terrier owned by Paul Jungman, Van Meter, became frightened and ran directly in front of a train which was going 50 miles an hour. After the train had run over him, the dog was picked up and, although the train had knocked him out, he suffered only a scratch or two. He soon recovered and ran home."


Twenty-one Dallas County city and county officials answered a call to attend a meeting at the Adel Municipal Center last Thursday night to discuss the possibility of forming a Dallas County Municipal League. Bernard Boone, mayor of Waukee, made a motion that the league be established. No vote was taken on the motion, but all present appeared in favor of the idea.