Granger’s "hot" and "cold" water towers came about because of a joke played many years ago by a gas station owner named Jack Manning. A well-dressed city woman was passing through, stopped for gas, and asked Manning why a small town like Granger had two water towers. Manning told the woman that one was for hot water, the other for cold water. That story was told again during a city council meeting in the 1980s and the council agreed it would be a good idea to paint "hot" and "cold" on the towers in relation to Manning’s joke.


Sunday eve a mass meeting was held at the M.E. church, the object being to arouse a sentiment against Sunday desecration. During the evening a petition was circulated for the purpose of doing away with the Sunday post office and was signed by a large majority of the patrons of the office. This is a step in the right direction and will no doubt be followed by the eradication of other evils from our midst.

* * *

The boys are complaining of the numerous camping parties along the Coon, which interfere greatly with their swimming. They don’t like to go in with their clothes on. Last Sunday some of them made three attempts and had to locate the fourth swimming hole before they dared to go in the old-fashioned way.

* * *

Saturday night drunkenness is becoming an intolerable nuisance. It is not so much the boisterous effects as it is the psychological effects. Some of the sidewalks on Sunday mornings present the appearance of being the runway for a pack of sick dogs rather than for the travel of human beings. A number of business men are also complaining of intoxicated men gathering on the landings of their stairways and making them abominable with spilled beer and victuals. The nuisance should be abated.


Reports of a ‘Peeping Tom’ have been current throughout Adel the past week and one or two people have reported he entered houses. He was in the house of Mr. and Mrs. William Glenn several nights ago, but ran out when Mrs. Glenn called to him, thinking it was her husband. A load of shot awaits the man if the practice continues.


Architects for Dallas Center-Grimes Community Schools are finalizing plans for the new $3.1 million elementary school approved by voters last winter. The timeline included moving of students K-6 into the new building in December 1989. Remodeling of the high school in Dallas Center was scheduled to begin in January of 1990.