Dallas County once had a number of rural post office locations, including 24 that are no longer in existence, including one called "Uncle Sam" that cannot be found on county maps of that era.


Last Thursday evening a little after eight o’clock Lee Pell passed from the shores of time into eternity. Lee was a young man of 17 years and was loved and respected by all who knew him. When he realized on Wednesday afternoon that he would not get well he sent word to all his friends that he wished to bid them goodbye, accordingly nearly all of our young people called and bid him farewell.

* * *

M.A. Pardekooper of Adams Township came to town last Saturday afternoon suffering considerably by reason of a large bug having located itself in his right ear. Dr. Williams quickly removed the offending insect and gave him relief.

* * *

A coive comes to us from our sister state, Wyoming, where women have enjoyed equal rights for 29 years and that voice tells us, 21 years after Wyoming had received its statehood, with the suffrage plank in her constitution, Nevada, with one fourth less population, had two and three fourths as many criminals and Montana almost three times as many. Twenty-three years after Wyoming had equal rights, the divorce record shows that people stayed married better than in other nine states. The nine governors since 1869 all testify to the good effects. They tell us after 25 years of woman suffrage, not one county in Wyoming had a poor house; and the jails were almost empty. They urge every civilized community on earth to enfranchise its women without delay.


The nerviest theft, and the most unusual one, reported to officers in years came to the attention of Sheriff C.A. Knee and his men Friday when L.E. DeCamp, superintendent at the United Clay Products Co. plant, discovered that a long section of the trolley line had been taken. Today two of the men responsible for the theft are in jail and have signed confessions giving the details of the robbery. They have implicated two others who will doubtless be picked up soon.


About 325 bushels of soybeans valued at $2,720 were stolen from a rural Dallas Center residence sometime during the night of Aug. 10.

* * *

A recreational trail planned along 22 miles of railroad right-of-way "vandalizes" Iowa’s rich rail heritage, says a Redfield landowner who wants to see the line restored for tourism purposes.