The outpouring of support for 22-year-old Adel native Branden Bissell, who was recently diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL), continues with Adel business, BASE.

In early March, BASE employee Missy Solum passed along the news to her fellow co-worker Dustin Petty, that her family friend, Branden, was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia. Missy also mentioned to Dustin that Branden has spent the last six years battling to protect the United States as a member of the Army reserves. It was then, when Dustin knew an opportunity lay in front of him to help a soldier in need.

Together with the support of BASE® business owners Terry and Cindy Harrington, Missy and Dustin organized multiple activities around the office for the month of March to raise money for Branden and his family.

Some highlights included a company jeans fundraiser where employees were able to wear jeans based on donations given. The company, including Terry Harrington, make contributions on St. Patrick’s day based on employees wearing the color green.

Prior to Branden’s benefit spaghetti supper on March 29, BASE® partnered with Fareway to help purchase supplies for the benefit. BASE® donated 20 pounds of hamburger, 14 pounds of lettuce salad and 15 containers of parmesan cheese.

On Wednesday, April 2, Branden visited BASE® and was presented with a VISA gift card worth $1,405. The VISA card will go towards helping Branden with medical bills and the costs associated with traveling back and forth to Iowa City for treatment.