Bob Spurling, 88, was found dead inside his home after it had caught fire early Monday morning.

Just before 4 a.m. the Dallas County Sheriff’s Office, Van Meter Fire, DeSoto Fire, Adel Fire, and Dallas County EMS responded to a fire in a Booneville trailer park, located at 28925 360th St. Lot No. 20. The home was a complete loss as Van Meter Fire Chief notes that trailer homes ignite rather quickly and can rarely be saved. The best that can be done is to contain the fire at that point.

The owner of the trailer home was believed to be inside, and after putting out the fire, the body of the man was found. According to the report, the case has been turned over to the State Fire Marshall’s Office for further investigation. The cause of the fire is still unknown, however, residents who were close to Spurling believe the likely cause of the fire was due to a space heater Spurling was using in order to conserve propane.