Dallas County will be seeing a multitude of road and bridge replacement projects within the next five years after the Board of Supervisors approved Secondary Roads’ 5-year construction plan during their regular Tuesday, March 25 meeting.

Construction for fiscal year 2015 will include a two-mile stretch on R16 (R Ave.) which will complete the 9 1/2-mile corridor road project from Van Meter to Dallas Center which was started in 2005.

Andy Case, project engineer with Secondary Roads, stated over the last two years the county has spent over $80,000-essentially throwing a "Band-Aid" approach on the roads.

"I think it’s time we bite the bullet and fix it (the road) right away," he said.

The project is anticipated to cost $1.2 million which will be paid through the county’s Farm-to-Market funds.

Two 90 degree curves on F31 (190th/195th St.), located four miles east of Minburn will be graded to improve the horizontal alignment as part of the 2016 paving project from Minburn to R22 (T Ave.).

Grading work will be paid from local funds at an estimated cost of $400,000.

The department will also place a reinforced concrete box culvert in place of the Sportsman Club Bridge, located north of Adel. This project will also be paid by local funds at a project cost of $200,000.

Later, in 2016, six miles of F31 will be reconstructed from Minburn to R22 heading east.

According to the roads department, the existing 35-year-old pavement which consists of four and five inch concrete, will be recycled and used for an asphalt base as well as used on the shoulder of the road. Federal dollars will be used for the project and is estimated at a cost of $3 million.

Bridge replacements are also on the 2016 construction plan which includes the Filmore Court/Bear Creek Bridge and two bridges over Slough Creek near 170th St./Pioneer Ave. Both areas will be constructed with a reinforced concrete box culvert located beneath the bridge/intersections.

According to Case, the projects would be both a safety and waterway improvement as well as more cost-effective as replacing the bridges.

"A large box culvert can get at least 50 years (of use)," he said. "We have some bridges at 50 years now and they are doing really well."

The Filmore Court/Bear Creek Bridge project will cost an estimated $400,000 used with local funds and the Slough Creek project will be paid for federal bridge funds at $500,000.

Secondary Roads will also be looking at pavement reconstruction for fiscal year 2017 to 2019 which includes:

F25 from Guthrie County to P46 (3 miles) at a cost of $1.5 million;

F31 from Minburn to Kimble Pl. (3 miles) at a cost of $1.8 million;

P46 from Highway 141 to Greene Co. (2 miles0 at $1 million;

Maffitt Lake Rd. from Polk Co. (1 mile) at $500,000;

Pavement grinding from P58 to Old Highway 6 to Highway 44 (6 miles) at $600,000, and;

Bridge replacement at 130th St. at Little Beaver Creek at $500,000.

The board approved the 5-year plan as presented.

Currently, the county has approximately 185 miles of paved roadways with 700 miles of roads consisting of rock and/or gravel.

In other business, the board approved:

Secondary Roads Department’s request to close Indian Ave. at Panther Creek for two weeks to reinforce the substructure of the bridge;

The Iowa Heart Region 28E Agreement, and;

A 8-lot subdivision located in section three of Washington Township, four miles south of the City of Perry.