Over 127 8th grade students at Adel-DeSoto-Minburn attended the Invent It to Win It competition held at Iowa State University on Wednesday, March 12. However, only three students-Nelson Itani, Herberto Ponce, and Dustin Dolan- were named the winners of the "shark tank" round.

Students, in groups of three or four, were asked to create an invention that would satisfy a need or problem and then presented their invention at two invention fairs-one at the A-D-M Media Center and the other to community and business leaders on the ISU campus in Ames.

A 3-D model, advertisement, historical timeline, a sample budget, market research results, four QR codes representing four different perspectives on the invention, keeping a journal, and providing research sources were all included for each invention. A-D-M educator Kate Willems said she was proud of the 8th grade students and their effort during the month-long unit.

"They set goals, as teams and as individuals, thought critically about our world’s problems, worked together with people they were not able to choose, adapted to feedback and setbacks, took initiative to see their ideas through, wrote and spoke at length about their team’s invention, gathered information to use as evidence in their decision making, and strengthened their curiosity and imagination," she said.

She also added the skillset the students learn are integral in college and later on in the work force.

"The skills used during this project are vital college and career skills that every professional utilizes daily," she said. "Doing this project made students feel more mature, responsible, and required students step up to a huge challenge and undertaking. These are the skills that matter and should be taught in our ever-changing society. "We are so proud of the difficult work put in by our students!"