Dallas Center native Samantha Sabovitch, formerly Samantha Sanger of the 1999 DC-G graduating class, published her debut novel May 19 under the pseudonym S. L. Saboviec. Of the journey to publication, Samantha says, "It was both incredibly fulfilling and incredibly challenging."

Set in a world with elements of several religions, the fantasy novel, Guarding Angel, is the first of a trilogy. "I was inspired by a non-fiction book about angels," Samantha says. "It talked about how they have personalities, and I wondered what that might look like." The novel follows guardian angel Enael, who struggles to make herself heard by the humans she’s responsible for. When a demon makes trouble for her, Enael has to choose between two unattractive options. "It’s a story that questions what ‘the right thing’ is," explains Samantha.

Although Sabovitch first looked for a publisher to take on her novel, she ultimately self-published. Her biggest challenge now is getting out the word about her book. Sabovitch networks daily, "although I try to control how much of my time I spend on social media or I’d never write or revise another word!"

Sabovitch currently lives in a suburb of Toronto with her Canadian husband and expatriate cat. They are expecting their first child in September. She’s working on three other novels, each in various stages of completion. You can find her on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and Wordpress under the name "Saboviec."