Orchard Place, mental health experts for Iowa’s children, is pleased to announce the results of its 2013 Holiday Gift Drive. Four hundred and sixty-five children served by Orchard Place completed ‘wish lists’ in November. Individual and corporate donors purchased, wrapped and delivered more than 400 gifts which were distributed to children during the holiday season. The remaining gifts were purchased by Orchard Place staff members thanks to generous donations provided for this campaign.

"For these 465 children, their family would not have had resources to provide gifts making the season stressful for kids and parents. These donations take some stress off the kids and their families," said Anne Starr Orchard Place CEO.

"While the kids were limited to three gifts on their wish list, I was surprised to see so many of the children asked for a particular item for an additional family member," said Megan Ronnenberg, Director of Volunteers. "We have such outstanding corporate and individuals who worked hard this year, some shopping for 10 children. "Gift requests ranged from the traditional Barbie, Hot Wheels, basketballs, footballs to clothes and the award winning, goofy guessing game of "What am I?" called Hedbanz.

In addition there were many requests for new coats, shoes, stocking caps and mittens. "Our individual donors also really came through for the children," added Ronnenberg. "It was not unusual for them add something extra to the child’s gift list. They have no idea the happiness and joy their efforts brought to Orchard Place. The kids and everyone at Orchard Place could not be more grateful." Corporate donors included: EMC, Goals In Motion, John Deere Works, Nationwide Insurance, Principal Financial Group, Ruan, Submittal Exchange and Wells Fargo. In addition, the Motorcycle Group Ruff Ryders provided more than 200 new toy and craft kits plus a generous cash donation to Orchard Place. This is the third year the Ruff Ryder group has supported Orchard Place though their efforts.