Chuck and Lorinda Inman of Adel were inducted in the Iowa 4-H Hall of Fame at a special ceremony held Sunday, August 17 at the Iowa State Fair.

The Inmans were selected for their outstanding service and dedication to 4-H and for their exceptional work in contributing to the lives of 4-H members and the overall 4-H program. The Inmans were surprised to find out they were being inducted after receiving a call from Dallas County 4-H Youth Coordinator Aleta Cochran. "We were very surprised because we feel we are helping youth but we just slip in where something needs to be done," said Lorinda Inman. "We didn’t think we were doing anything special."

Chuck and Lorinda have been involved with 4-H since they were club members in the 1960s.

Despite attending the same high school in Webster City, which had over 700 students, Chuck and Lorinda had never met until working together at a 4-H food booth at the Hamilton County Fair.

At that time, the Inmans lived in the same township but participated in separate boys and girls 4-H clubs. The two met when both clubs came together at the county fair.

Over 50 years later, the Inmans still work together in a 4-H food booth while organizing the food stand at the Dallas County Fair.

The Inmans have continued the 4-H family tradition by encouraging their three children, Coralie, Bradley and Katharine to take pride and excel within the program. "Chuck and Lorinda Inman truly make a difference to the youth in 4-H," said Dallas County Youth Coordinator, Aleta Cochran. "They continue to volunteer and are committed to ‘making the best better’ for 4-H youth."

The husband and wife duo have a long resume of involvement with Iowa State Extension and Outreach of Dallas County and its 4-H youth program. Lorinda has served on the extension council and continues to be involved with the Dallas County 4-H Foundation and extension youth committee. Chuck also serves on committee and is the club leader of Adams Arrows. Together, Chuck and Linda have volunteered at Food Safety Quality Assurance (FSQA) trainings, dog obedience classes, town festivals, parades, livestock auctions and have sponsored trophies for the county fair. The Inmans promote the values of Dallas County 4-H and continue to make it a better program for future generations of 4-H’ers.

"I would describe Chuck and Lorinda as very giving people," said Hunter Mandernach, the president of the Adams Arrows 4-H Club and a member of the club for the past six years. "They will help you with nearly anything that you need help with, especially if it has to do with 4-H."

Mandernach was very active in the 2014 Dallas County Fair, claiming several awards in the poultry division, including grand champion and reserve grand champion production.

"They have helped me a lot in my 4-H career," said Mandernach. "They helped me understand a lot of care and other information about my chickens. They told me how to properly wash chickens and how to care for them every day. They also helped me out on knowing the parts of the chicken that I needed to know for the chicken show at the fair."

The Inmans received another surprise at the induction ceremony at the Iowa State Fair as several Dallas County 4-H families and members attended the ceremony.

"We were waiting to be called and all the sudden we just started seeing all these people – we were so surprised when so many people came to be with us on the day we received this award. It was very nice," Lorinda said.