Series of ponds and underpasses now visible within Kettlestone corridor in Waukee

Work continues on the Kettlestone project, a 1,500-acre development located from University Avenue south to I-80 in Waukee.

According to an August 19 release, a series of ponds and underpasses are now visible within the Kettlestone corridor. Construction on the ponds east of Grand Prairie Parkway are in the later stages of development, with more water and riprap to be added in the near future.

Kettlestone is named for the glacial kettle ponds that once dotted the area and ponds will be a dominant feature of the development. The ponds will serve as an amenity and help with storm water management.

Bid Letting Begins on Waukee’s New Interchange Movement continues on Waukee’s interchange project – a gateway that will create convenient access from Interstate 80 to Kettlestone and beyond. The bid letting for the Grand Prairie Parkway Interchange was held on Tuesday, August 19 and was bid through the Iowa Department of Transportation. The apparent low bidder was Peterson Contractors Incorporated. The Department of Transportation is reviewing the project bids. It is anticipated that construction will begin in approximately 30-45 days. The interchange is scheduled to open to traffic in December 2015. Early estimates show that more than 12,000 vehicles will use the interchange on opening day.

The Grand Prairie Parkway (formerly Alice’s Road) project is scheduled to be completed in September of 2015.

Kettlestone District Spotlight: Kettlestone Plaza

The future Kettlestone development will consist of seven distinct districts – each named to complement the Kettlestone brand. Kettlestone Plaza will be located just north of Interstate 80 and east of Grand Prairie Parkway. This district is intended to be the regional draw of the development and will feature a large retail center with convenient access from I-80. A high-end retailer could anchor this prominent corner development with a hotel complementing the district and providing a home base for the many out-of-town visitors expected in Kettlestone. The northern tip of this area will transition to medium-sized box retail with office buildings anticipated further east.

Kettlestone overview

Based on proposed land uses over a 30-year period, Kettlestone could support up to 7,000 new housing units, 3.8 million square feet of commercial retail space and 5.5 million square feet of commercial office space. Community leaders believe the development has potential to bring 25,000 new jobs to the Waukee area.

The $59 million project is expected to generate $2.5 billion from housing, office space and retail space. The City of Waukee estimates it will take 30 years to fill the development but could fill faster depending on the economy.

"The project is important for the economic development of Dallas County," Waukee Mayor Bill Peard said at the April 16 unveiling. Peard added the city hopes to "preserve the rich history of the state."