A new restaurant, the Lunch Box, has opened in Minburn after nearly 14 years without a restaurant in town.

Owner Karen Ryan, who has lived in Minburn since 1989, had always wanted to open her own place after working for years in restaurant/bar settings and running a business with her husband, Robin Miller.

"I cooked for awhile at the Legion for farmers for harvest, worked in a nursing home, and had a lot of cookouts at home," she said. She started fund raising for the 4th of July celebration in Minburn, which sponsored games and the parade. That event is still a big attraction each year in Minburn.

She and Robin had run a sandblasting and painting business and retired from that but she felt a need to do something else. Thus the restaurant. "When the building came up for sale I decided that was my chance." The business is located at 417 Highway 169 about half way through the town and she attracts locals plus workmen in the area and business people in town.

Serving is daily Monday through Saturday, from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. with daily specials and a choice of sandwiches and hot meals, with dessert. Most of what she serves is "from scratch" and she hopes to add some items as she goes. She also has a salad bar, and tried breakfast for awhile but had to stop as there was not enough business in the mornings.

Her husband does help her with some prep work but she pretty much runs the business herself.

The couple enjoys going hunting with their coon dogs and also have mules and cats.

Karen said she named the restaurant after the lunch box that used to be carried by her father, John.

"My mom gave it to me when he passed away a year ago." It is now prominently displayed on the wall of the restaurant along with a picture of her father.