The past two weeks have brought rain to Dallas County. Peterson Contractors, Inc. has continued to remove and crush the existing pavement when possible. However, the timing of the rain has made that process difficult. While removal and crushing of the pavement may be possible after the rainstorms move through Dallas County, the earthwork that is needed beneath the old pavement is not possible. In an effort to maintain the best access possible to residents along P48, Peterson Contractors and Dallas County have not removed any pavement that would require residents to travel through the muddy road that is left after a rainstorm. Peterson Contractors will need to wait a day or two until the exposed soil under the pavement is dry enough to work with.

Currently, pavement has been removed to 35138 Dexfield Road. Rock has been placed from the south end of the project to just north of the city limits of Dexter. Residents south of the crushing operations will be able to use the new rock subbase as a temporary rock road to access their home through Dexter. Residents north of the pavement removal will be able to use the old pavement and travel through Redfield.