On March 3, Dallas County Recorder Chad Airhart submitted his affidavit of candidacy and petitions to quality for the 2014 primary ballot. "Four years ago I campaigned to streamline county government, make county government more efficient and to utilize technology," he said. "During my first term we have done just that. We have imaged and indexed over 40 years of real estate records, and returned nearly $1,000,000 to the general fund in the form of a surplus."

Discussing the County Recorder’s finances, Airhart said, "Most government agencies are allocated tax dollars in a budget, and when they claim a surplus, it is that they did not spend all of the tax dollars given to them. In our office, we write a budget, estimating the revenues we will see from services we provide. In each of my budgets, we have budgeted to spend less than we take in, and that is exactly what we have done. We truly run like a business, and at the end of each year, we have a fund balance that goes back to the County general fund. These dollars are dollars that are a direct savings to everyone that pays property taxes in Dallas County."

Airhart has also been a leader outside of the office. He is currently in his second term as Chairman of the Iowa Republican County Officials Association, was just elected the Secretary/Treasurer of the District 1 Iowa Recorders, is the President of the Board for the Waukee Leadership Institute and serves on numerous community committees and boards.

Airhart believes that as the fastest growing County in Iowa and one of the fastest growing in America, Dallas County should be leading and setting an example for other local municipalities. "Whether it is our use of technology, budgeting practices or involvement in public policy that will benefit our citizens we should be out in front," he said. Last year, Airhart was an early backer of Gov. Terry Branstad’s property tax reform plan and spoke at the Gov. Branstad’s weekly press conference, touting the benefits for small business and citizens in Dallas County.

"We have led by example, but there is more work to do. I love my job and the team we have at the Recorder’s Office," Airhart said. "Because of that, I am happy to once again be on the ballot for County Recorder, and hope to have the support of the public to continue serving."

For more information on Chad Airhart, visit www.chadairhart.com.