Sign located in front of Roy R. Estle Memorial Library

During the Dallas Center Fall Festival Saturday, members of the community and county gathered for a ribbon cutting event to celebrate the newly installed community activities sign located on the front lawn of the Roy R. Estle Memorial Library at 1308 Walnut Street.

Dallas Center Mayor Mitch Hambleton was given the honors of cutting the ribbon, making the $19,600 project complete.

Dallas Center has previously used saw horses with signs attached to inform the community of upcoming events.

"In general, the idea was to get something nicer and more visible," commented Library Board of Trustees President Dusty Rauschenberg.

Half of the funds needed for the project were paid by the library while $9,800 was contributed through a grant from the Dallas County Foundation.

The DCF is a charitable foundation created by and for local citizens to improve the quality of life of residents in local communities. This year, 22 projects in the county have received a total of $96,944.44 through the Dallas County Foundation.

Nagle Signs, Inc. of Des Moines was awarded the bid to construct the sign while Luellen Brothers, Inc. of Dallas Center completed the electrical work.

Rauschenberg said that other groups, citizens and local officials have been very supportive.

"It’s been a community-wide project," Rauschenberg said. "It’s for the entire community to use, not just library announcements. We don’t have any strict guidelines for the sign right now but we will develop something as we move along." One potential issue with the location of the sign was the possible distractions to drivers at the five-way intersection of Walnut, 14th Street and R16.

"We tried to make sure that it wasn’t a distraction at the intersection," Rauschenberg said. "That was a concern, but we’ve overcome that by having the sign only flash or change periodically so it’s not always flashing." In addition to the sign, landscaping was done around the library with contributions from the Friends of the Library, which is funded by local contributions.