County Ordinance #10 establishes the policy and level of service in respect to clearance of snow and ice during the winter season. The Ordinance has been regularly updated since 1984 and is adopted in consideration of economic and liability concerns. A copy of the complete Snow and Ice Ordinance is available at the Road Department office located at 415 River Street or at the Dallas County website . Following is a summary of important elements of the policy:

• Paved roads have first priority. The initial effort is to open at least one-lane to traffic as soon as possible. Motor graders may be assigned to those roadways if necessary.

• The road crew will work overtime (5:30 a.m. and 5:30 p.m.) until two-lane travel is possible on paved roads and one-lane travel on gravel roads. Additional clearing is then accomplished during regular working hours.

• The Department will respond to ‘emergency’ conditions where loss of a life is probable, serious injury has occurred or extensive loss of property is imminent. Those conditions are verified through the Sheriff’s office.

• After a snowstorm, the County cannot ensure a ‘dry’ pavement condition. Motorists are advised to reduce speed at least 25 m.p.h. below the posted speeds and use extra caution at intersections, curves, hills and bridges.

• Property owners are requested not to plow snow back onto the cleared roadway since that will create a hazard to the traveling public and can result in issuance of a civil citation.

The motoring public should heed forecasts, particularly when advised to limit travel. Everyone, especially inexperienced drivers, should slow down with changed road conditions and reduced visibility. Motorists should generally remain with a stranded vehicle. If necessary to abandon a vehicle, it must be off the traveled portion of the roadway or it will be removed at the owner’s expense.