Sioux City Brick & Tile Company, incorporated in 1913, celebrated its 100-year anniversary with events held at its two Iowa brick manufacturing plants including Adel on Tuesday, Aug. 13.

Sioux City Brick is one of two surviving brick companies in Iowa from over 300 brick plants that operated in the state in 1900.

Brick of good quality and color were made at each of the two brick plant locations in the 1800s before the formal company incorporation in 1913. Today, the Adel plant makes brick colors from high quality red clay and the Sergeant Bluff plant completes the color palette with brick from buff ironspot colors.

Sioux City modernized its factory in Sergeant Bluff in 1997. The second modern manufacturing plant was brought online at the Adel plant location in 2001. A third state-of-the-art plant was brought online in Adel in 2007.