The Dallas County Board of Supervisors discussed the rehabilitation of a 23-year-old bridge located on P58, north of the KOA Campground in Adel.

County Engineer Jim George reported the joint which allows fluctuation during hot and cold weather is virtually gone and a beam underneath the bridge is starting to move off of the support.

"The joint is basically gone and with the hot weather we are having, I’m surprised we haven’t had a blow-up yet," George said.

He recommended immediate action from the board and said the bridge won’t be a cheap fix-as much as $100,000 could be spent out of the road department’s bridge and culvert funds.

Bridge rehabilitation could cause some traffic headaches, but George said he would like to keep P58 open if possible.

"We don’t want to shut down P58, but it could be very expensive to do it under traffic," he said. "We will continue to look at our options, but there’s no good way of re-routing people if the area is closed."

The board unanimously moved approval of the project and will bring the item back after competing bids are received.

Also on the board’s agenda was a discussion of the facilities administration building with county employees.

The board, along with Jerry Purdy with Design Alliance, Inc.–a Waukee-based design firm in charge of the concept design, answered questions in an informal question and answer session.

A talking point that was raised during the discussion centered on storm safety at the proposed county administration and jail facility east of Adel.

The 91,000 square-foot facility is anticipated to have a concrete-type structure to house county employees in case of a tornado.

Chair Mark Hanson spoke on the repurposing of current buildings and the importance of keeping archives safe in case of flooding.

"In the basement of this building we’ve got archives and we’ve got our E911 Center," he said. "If the Raccoon River was to overflow at the banks and we had issues with water, I don’t want (the) archives getting wet (or) E911 Center being inoperable."

He also mentioned that if E911 and archives were moved from the basement of the Board of Supervisors building it could provide for a emergency shelter during a tornado for the remaining county employees.

Hanson said, "It’s a tangential benefit, but we still have an awful lot of state employees and an awful lot of county employees. Are you going to crowd in with the archives and the E911 people?"

Discussion on the county administration building continued that night at the Woodward High School Cafeteria where only a handful of residents attended.

The board will hold two more informational meetings July 16 at the Perry High School Brady Library, 1200 18th St. and July 23 at the Waukee School District Office, 560 SE University.

Other business:

Discussion of the fourth floor courthouse was addressed at the end of the meeting by the board with Chair Mark Hanson assuring that "there’s no fear of falling through the floors."

The fourth floor was recently inspected and closed for a period of time to assess foot traffic. No action was taken.