The Dallas County Board of Supervisors will be holding two public hearings within the coming weeks to address an inmate meals provider contract with HomeCare Services, located at 101 N. 9th St. in Adel, and on the county’s 5-year construction program.

According to the meal provider contract, HomeCare Services would provide meals to inmates three times per day, seven days per week between the hours of 7-7:15 a.m., 12:15-12:30 p.m. and 5:30-5:45 p.m. The contract would be valid for a year and is 3 cents cheaper than the meals provided by the recently closed county home, saving the county close to $1,000, said Doug Lande, 1st Chief/ Jail Administrator with the Dallas County Sheriff’s Office.

Currently, the Sheriff’s Office is working with Hy-Vee to provide meals to inmates during the interim.

"Inmates have noticed a difference in meals, but I haven’t had any food complaints," Lande said. "So I consider that a success."

According to Lande, Hy-Vee would need a 20-day notice if the county decides to discontinue their services and move forward with contracting HomeCare Services.

A public hearing is scheduled for March 18 at 9:30a.m. to discuss the meal provider contract.

The board also approved a second public hearing on Secondary Roads’ 5-year construction program for March 25 at 10 a.m.

County Engineer Jim George said his department is currently looking at the Yale road, and a bridge replacement between Woodward and Bouton. He also added the department is advancing with updates to R16 south of Hwy 6.

Other business the board approved included:

• Out of state travel requests and per diem increase adjustments for the county attorney and public health director;

• A data storage equipment purchase request by IT Director Todd Noah; and,

• An engineering report for drainage district #19 maintenance located north of F31. The project would be bid after summer with the project starting after the harvest season.