Catalina Ortiz-Ortega, 31 of Guthrie Center, was arrested on charges of child endangerment and failure to have a valid driver’s license on Sunday.

According to the Dallas County Sheriff report, Ortiz-Ortega was traveling with a 1-year-old toddler heading eastbound on Highway 141. She attempted to turn onto I Court when she heard the back passenger door open. After making the turn, Ortiz-Ortega looked into the back of the vehicle and realized that the toddler was no longer in car. She said she pulled over and attempted to look for the boy, but was unable to find him. The child was later found on Highway 141 and taken to Dallas County Hospital. He was later transported to Blank Children’s Hospital where he was found to have a fracture to the eye orbital.

According to the report, responding officers concluded that the booster seat holding the toddler was not properly secured to the seat in the vehicle and the straps to hold the child into the booster seat were unbuckled.